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Ep. 6  Brainspotting Couples Co-regulating
Jan 14 2023
Ep. 6  Brainspotting Couples Co-regulating
As we cultivate a connection with others, it is important to learn how to listen, increase awareness, and address conflicts in relationships. By utilizing Brainspotting Couples's Co-regulating relational tools, we can be in the present while recognizing how the past may have affected us, which further creates a conscious connection with our partner.  In this episode, Heather, Daav, Cherie, and Paul talk about the aspects of Brainspotting and Couples Co-regulating and how these techniques have helped shape their relationships with each other, their children, their clients and their healing journeys.   A few topics:  Validating and having compassion for your significant other allows for solutions when you may disagree.Through these strategies, we can learn to create consciousness rather than having emotion fuel conversation.Resolution can happen when we really listen to our partner.When we are able to allow our partner to share their story, we can better understand their point of view and vice versa. This further assists the relationship to be more aligned. In a relationship, it isn’t about being right or wrong, but about being seen and heard.Let us know your thoughts and questions on today’s episode. Follow Heather & Daav on this journey @heathercorbet_medium_spirit  @daavcorb. Find Cherie & Paul: If you have questions or topics you want us to discuss; please comment below.  You can find us on Google, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon, Libsyn, iHeart, and Apple.