Latitud Podcast


Get inspired by Latin America’s most prominent tech founders and investors. They share personal and actionable insights on how to scale, raise capital, and become a better leader. Presented by Brian Requarth, Latitud’s cofounder.

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Our Editor's Take

There are many podcasts dedicated to startup culture and investing. Only a few, like Latitud, focus on Latin American businesses. Each Latitud episode features an interview with entrepreneurs telling their business story.

South American businessman Brian Requarth is the creator and host of the Latitud podcast. He is also the cofounder of the Latitud Fellowship. His organization provides education, support, and funding to early-stage Latin American startups. Through his Latitud ventures, Requarth mentors those with big ideas for business. He also helps them handle the legal side of starting a company.

Whether they are in or from Latin America or not, listeners can enjoy the advice shared in this podcast. It includes stories told by experienced business people. This makes it relatable for anyone interested in entrepreneurial enterprises. In one episode, Requarth chats with Martín Escobari, copresident of General Atlantic. They discuss the benefits of a chaotic marketplace for different endeavors. Escobari also shares the good and the bad aspects he looks out for in potential investments.

Requarth spends time chatting with other Latitud founders about entrepreneurship. Tomi Roggio, who works in FinTech for the company, joins the show in another episode. He shares fundraising tips for startups. Roggio explains how the current economy affects valuation and fundraising. Plus, he shares some dos and don'ts for raising venture capital.

Requarth also speaks with cofounder Gina Gotthilf, who served as VP of growth at Duolingo. Gotthilf shares about what it's like inside a world-class startup. She also talks about pitching Duolingo to President Obama at the White House. Other guests include Marta Forero Sepúlveda of UBITS. She explains the importance of upskilling.

LatAm entrepreneurs and startups can rely on this podcast as a great resource. Latitud releases new episodes once or twice a month. Those who like Latitud may also enjoy the podcasts Moneda Moves and Latinas: From The Block To The Boardroom.

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