Profiles in Liberty with Caleb Franz

We Are Libertarians

Profiles in Liberty is a podcast dedicated to telling the story of liberty and all the heroic figures that have made the world a freer place. Each week, we explore the lives of ordinary people who made extraordinary stands for liberty. Seasonal episodes air on Thursdays.  Part of the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network.

S2:E8 - Mercy Otis Warren: Heart and Soul of the American RevolutionS2:E7 - Anne Hutchinson Holds Self-Evident TruthsS2:E6 - Abigail Adams Urges America To 'Remember The Ladies!'S2:E5 - Mum Bett Sues For Her FreedomS2:E4 - Harriet Tubman and the Exodus to the Promised LandS2:E3 - Wentworth Cheswell Helps Spark A RevolutionS2:E2 - William Still: Father of the Underground RailroadS2:E1 - Frederick Douglass Saves The ConstitutionS1:E8 - George Wythe and the Conspiracy Against a Founding GodfatherS1:E7 - Caesar Rodney's Midnight RideS1:E6 - Samuel Huntington: America's First PresidentS1:E5 - Benjamin Rush Heals a Founding FriendshipS1:E4 - Richard Henry Lee and the Power of ConvictionS1:E3 - Benjamin Franklin Invents the American IdentityS1:E2 - John Adams Stands Against Mob TyrannyS1:E1 - Thomas Jefferson and the Anti-Slavery Declaration0 - Prelude