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Life Foursquare Church

From Life Foursquare Church in Decatur, Illinois, comes The Real Life Podcast! The Real Life Podcast covers all things family, life, and the chaos in between! We offer a biblical worldview on topics we don’t see plainly in Scripture--want to know how to thrive in real life? You’ve found your place!

Doing Life Together: Mitchell and Abby RappEducation: Mellisa Stacey and Janelle McCollumNew Season of Real Life!Parenting in a Pandemic Part 1Racism Part 4: RoundtableRacism Part 3: Initiating DialogueRacism Part 2: Racism and CultureRacism Part 1: What is Racism?Repentance Part 5: ConclusionRepentance Part 4: The Root of RepentanceRepentance Part 3: Sin and MercyRepentance Part 2: What is Repentance?Repentance Part 1: IntroductionThanksgiving BreakPolitics and the Church Part 3: Morality and PoliticsPolitics and the Church Part 2: Patriotism, Nationalism, and TriumphalismPolitics and the Church Part 1: Biblical GoverningEnd Times Part 4: Rapture and TribulationEnd Times Part 3: RumorsEnd Times Part 2: Reading Scripture Through a Cultural Lens