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Season 2 Episode 4: Life Interrupted
Jul 1 2021
Season 2 Episode 4: Life Interrupted
The 3rd wave of Covid-19 infections has recently hit the region of Southern Africa really hard, with the Corona virus' Delta variant being so contagious. This has resulted in a more drastic lockdown within our region, and for most, this has meant that physical church gatherings are no longer possible. It's been yet another drastic interruption that has affected so many. Even our very own podcast's schedule has had to to be tweaked and changed, and even delayed by 1 day, as we felt it important to speak about some of the challenges facing the Acts 29 Southern African community. So, we called up a number of our members and asked them about how they are feeling in light of this most recent lockdown. We asked them about some of the lessons they have learned over the course of this Covid-19 pandemic, and we also asked them about some of the ways that they have had to innovate ministries, so that the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is still easily accessible to those entrusted to their care. We called up brand new church-plant, planters and their wives, we called up fairly established church-plant planters and ministry workers, and we spoke to established church pastors and leaders. They spoke honestly about how they are feeling, and they shared a lot of their learnings and wisdom.For more information about Acts 29 Southern Africa, check out: . If  you are interested in applying to plant a church with Acts 29 Southern Africa, check out: . Or perhaps you are an existing church interested in joining our diverse family of church-planting churches, then check out: