Leadership Stars

Linda Patten

What does it take to be an empowered leader, one who translates big visions into big impact? On “Leadership Stars” Linda Patten explores with her guests the elements of successful leadership - not simply commanding or managing, but developing the mindset and skills of influencing, inspiring and motivating others to take their success journey together! Linda’s guests, successful leaders themselves, share in intimate conversations their beliefs, nuggets of wisdom, tips, and success secrets. Each month features a different theme that will inspire and support you to step up, out and into the powerful leader you were meant to be - and that the world sorely needs! This series is perfect for any woman who takes a leadership role, whether it’s as CEO of a business or in your own life, family or community.

Marlene Elizabeth - Do you want to soar? Then you need MoneywingsEncore: How Life's Challenges Can Bring You New Power and PurposeHolly Pasut  -  A Strange Path to FreedomLaTarsha Holden - Legacy Leading in Your Own LifeJen Duchene - Catalyzing Change in 2019 with the Akashic RecordsBettyanne Green - Can You Have a Career AND Contribute?CJ Scarlet - The Power to Choose ChangeVanessa Russell - Replacing the Chains of Pain with Hands of LoveTom Haire  Leading for Performance = SuccessDr. Ruth Anderson-Building a Network in the Conscious CommunityImposter Syndrome: How It Affects You and Your TeamKimi Avary  Do You Enjoy Great Relationships at Work?Mary Knippel - How to Let Your Creativity Shine in 2019Cyndi Padilla - Want to Gain the Sales Edge in Your Biz?Pattie Vargas - Building ResilienceDeborah Dutcher - How to Be Sexy, Lean and Strong in 2019Laura Jackson Loo: Co-creating Joy in the New YearMiluna Fausch : How to Deliver Pitch Perfect PresentationsSherri Coffelt: Attention, Entrepreneurs: Let's Celebrate!Marsha Firestone -  Women Business Leaders: Powerful Agents of Change