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Dr. Ronald Hoffman

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Our Editor's Take

Intelligent Medicine is a health podcast from Dr. Ronald Hoffman's team. Dr. Hoffman presents research and advice about conventional and alternative healthcare. He shares thoughts on functional medicine, diets, and supplements. His colleague Leyla Muedin, RDN, MS, CDN also offers insight and answers questions. The hosts interview other experts and welcome caller participation.

Dr. Hoffman is a pioneering complementary medicine physician. He founded the Hoffman Center in 1985 and authored several books. Dr. Hoffman's approach is comprehensive. He explains how systems in the body affect each other. Several episodes of his podcast discuss the gut. The gastrointestinal microbiome affects sleep, anxiety, aging, weight, and disease. What goes into the gut matters. He and Muedin discuss antibiotics, CBD, and Wegovy. They provide facts about low-carb and ketogenic diets. Hoffman's team recommends plant-based foods and exercise. They also name the benefits of beef and caution against excessive exercise.

The Intelligent Medicine podcast reveals what's next in nutrition. The hosts discuss 3-D printed steaks. They talk about the possibilities of ChatGPT for cancer. The experts also disclose unexpected findings. Free radicals were once considered dangerous. New studies show that getting rid of them all isn't advisable. In another study, smokers who received beta carotene supplements had detrimental results. It proved harmful to over-reduce the body's defense mechanisms.

Author and pharmacist Greg Macpherson visits the podcast. He discusses his book, Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging. Macpherson talks about "death by lifestyle." He reveals the dangers of diabetes and heart disease. Macpherson shares data on progressive insulin resistance and mitochondria that should interest everyone. He explains why life expectancy differs by country. In Japan, it's 84.9 years. In the Central African Republic, the average person lives to be 55.4.

Dr. Hoffman names the best defense against aging. Life expectancy decreased after the pandemic. COVID-19-related deaths aren't the only reason. Morbid obesity, depression, and suicidality resulted from pandemic stress. There's never been a better time to listen to Intelligent Medicine. New podcast episodes arrive daily, often twice per day.

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