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Mike Dell

Companion show to Podcast Insider by Blubrry, Weekly Podcasting tips, opinions, gear, technology and news from a Veteran podcaster of over 16 years. Have a podcasting question? Ask here at the Podcast Help Desk.
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Why Show Zero? – PTC 000
Jul 21 2012
10 mins
When is it time to kill a show? – PHD167Live or Not? –  PHD166On Hiatus Until SeptemberPodPing (and other stuff) with Dave Jones from Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0  –  PHD165Episode Notes - Tag Experiment Part one - PHD164The Podcast Landscape is ChangingApple Paid Subscription Podcasts – PHD162Airing My Top 10 Podcasting Grievances – PHD161More Podcast Namespace Talk with Andy Lehman – PHD160Podcast Namespaces in RSS – Explained – PHD159How Podcasting Works – Back to Basics –  PHD158Build Your Own Podcasting Platform – PHD157Review of 2020 in Podcasting – PHD156Podcaster’s Block –  What do you do when you don’t feel like podcasting? – PHD155My top 6 Podcast Listening Apps – PHD154What is RSS?  Why should you care?Why is Podcast Index so important to podcasting?  – PHD152Podcast Help Desk going 2 times weekly starting December 16th – PHD151My 8 Favorite Podcasts – PHD150The beauty of Simple (Part 2) – PHD149