Still To Be Determined

Still TBD: Matt Ferrell and Sean Ferrell

Join Matt Ferrell from the YouTube Channel, Undecided, and his brother Sean Ferrell as they discuss electric vehicles, renewable energy, smart technologies, and how they impact our lives. Still TBD continues the conversation from the Undecided YouTube channel.
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Mar 29 2020
30 seconds
103: Bringing Sexy Back… in a small way - Carbon Nanotubes102: The Micro and the Macro - The Future of the Electric Grid101: The High(ly) Charged Seas - Solar Powered Boats100: Charged Printing - 3D Printed Solid State Batteries99: A Tall Drink of Computations - Nanotech Water Desalination98: Not Saying Easy... Easier - Graphene Supercapacitors97: A Foundational Technology - Cement Batteries96: A Return to the High Seas - Wind Power Ships95: Like a Lead Balloon - Solid State Hydrogen Energy Storage94: Re-Fusion to Give Up! Magnetic Fusion Breakthrough93: Witchcraft or Battery? Iron Air, Rust Battery92: This Debunked Episode Will Fail - Debunked Inventions Feedback91: Behind the Scenes Q&A90: A Growth Industry? Talking about Agrivoltaics89: A Lot of Hot Air? Space Powered Cooling Panels88: Algae You in My Dreams? Talking About Algae Plastic87: Burying the Lead? Perovskite Solar86: Is That a Diamond in Your Pocket? Nuclear Diamond Battery85: Tired of Earthships?84: Full of Empty