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Matthew Rothwell

In this podcast, Matthew Rothwell, author of Transpacific Revolutionaries: The Chinese Revolution in Latin America, explores the global history of ideas related to rebellion and revolution. The main focus of this podcast for the near future will be on the history of the Chinese Revolution, going all the way back to its roots in the initial Chinese reactions to British imperialism during the Opium War of 1839-1842, and then following the development of the revolution and many of the ideas that were products of the revolution through to their transnational diffusion in the late 20th century. read less

Life Underground in Shanghai in the Late 1920s (Part 1)
Jan 6 2022
Life Underground in Shanghai in the Late 1920s (Part 1)
The Communist Party Center remained underground in the dangerous city of Shanghai during the late 1920s and early 1930s.Further reading/watching:Patricia Stranahan, Underground: The Shanghai Communist Party and the Politics of Survival, 1927-1937China: A Century of Revolution documentaryJosephine Fowler, Japanese and Chinese Immigrant Activists: Organizing in American and International Communist Movements, 1919–1933Chang Kuo-t’ao [Zhang Guotao], The Rise of the Chinese Communist Party (2 volumes)Wang Fan-hsi [Wang Fanxi], Memoirs of a Chinese RevolutionaryChristina Gilmartin, Engendering the Chinese Revolution: Radical Women, Communist Politics, and Mass Movements in the 1920sFrederic Wakeman, Policing Shanghai, 1927-1937Some names from this episode:Deng Yingchao, Communist Party activist and wife of Zhou EnlaiZhang Guotao, Leading CommunistLin Zhuhan, Leading CommunistLi Weihan, Head of CCP Organizational DepartmentGong Yinbing, CCP treasurerHe Shuheng, Communist cadreLi Lisan, Leading CommunistLiu Shaoqi, Leading CommunistHe Baozhen, Communist cadre and wife of Liu ShaoqiWang Yizhi, Communist cadre and widow of Zhang TaileiZhang Tailei, Leader of Guangzhou CommuneChen Yannian, Chair of Jiangsu Provincial Committee for a very short time until his arrestChen Duxiu, Co-founder of Communist PartyZhu De, Communist military leaderHe Zhihua, Zhe De’s embittered lover from GermanyQu Qiubai, Top Communist leader from mid-1927 to mid-1928Wang Fanxi, Member of Organization bureauXu Baihao, Communist union leaderSupport the show