Deserve Podcast

Retirement Architecture

Welcome to the Deserve Podcast! Each week your host Brett Saso Sr., Founder of Retirement Architecture will discuss financial matters that can impact your retirement. He then introduces out-of-the-box strategies that just may help you avoid the potential pitfalls he exposes. You've worked hard your entire life, you DESERVE an amazing retirement!
43. "Sorry, I can't come to the phone right now."42. Immoral Enrichment - Who Will Feel the Pain of the Next Stock Market Crash?41. Crypto Craziness40. Drill Baby Drill!39. Brett's REIT Exposé - Part 138. The Social Security Gap Narrows!37. Creating Life insurance without having Life Insurance36. What Has Your Financial Advisor Done For You Lately?35. Inflation: Where Do We Go From Here?34. The Right REIT33. Today's Bonds Are Not Yesterday's Bonds32. The Roth Lives On...31. Roth IRA vs Life Insurance: Which Is The Better Choice For Your Family?30. I Bought the Bit Dip But It Keeps Dipping29. Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse28. Process trumps Fear27. What's a Down Market Alarm Clock?26. Understanding the Power of the RELOC25. Ruffling Some Feathers24. It's all about the CPA's