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John Nicholson

Bringing discussions on songwriting and the original works of songwriters to a wider audience.

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Hidden Gems
Apr 23 2022
1 hr 15 mins
Hidden GemsDeep DivingFlying Below the RadarTime to Smell the RosesSlaving over a Hot SongSongwriting Time!A Box of FavouritesXmas Special 2021Season2 Episode 6 Old friends and newSeason 2 Episode 5 Scaling new heightsSeason 2 Episode 4  Words and MusicS2 Episode 3 : Major and MinorS2 Episode 2 : And the beat goes onS2 Episode 1 : So OriginalEpisode 20: Thanks for the MusicEpisode 19: Skirmish TimeEpisode 18: Stay A Sharp or B FlatEpisode 17: The Rhyme and ReasonEpisode 16: Let the Music PlayEpisode 15: Xmas Special