What About Our Life?

Chris & Will

What About Our Life explores Chris and Will's continuous adventures with the life they’ve experienced together as an LGBTQ couple. Their many accomplishments have brought the world to becoming fascinated with their life and their accomplishments from Hollywood to top entertainment companies.  It’s a show that allows listeners to relate to their adventures and enjoy some of the greatest moments in life, allowing everyone to experience incredible moments with people from across the globe with personal at-home feelings.​
3.19 Show guests: James and Rebekah Ganiere (USA Today best-selling author and Hollywood Producer)Show guests: James and Rebekah Ganiere (promo)3.18 Show guest: Bruce Vilanch (2x Emmy Award Winner Comedian, The Hollywood Squares)Show guest: Bruce Vilanch (promo)3.17 Show guest: Alton Fitzgerald White (Disney's The Lion King Broadway Legend)Show guest: Alton Fitzgerald White3.16 Show guest: Todd Burroughs (Professional Artist from the Atelier School of Art)Show guest: Todd Burroughs (promo)3.15 Show guest: Ruta Lee (Hollywood Legend)Show guest: Ruta Lee (promo)3.14 Show guest: Barry Bostwick (Golden Globe and Tony Award Winner)Show guest: Barry Bostwick (promo)3.13 Show guests: Paige Klone and Rachel Forman (Writers of the new short film "Bad Assistant")Show guests: Paige Klone and Rachel Forman (promo)3.12 Show guest: Martha Bolton (3x New York Times Best Selling Author)Show guest: Martha Bolton (promo)3.11 Show guest: George Chakiris (Academy Award Winning Actor)Show guest: George Chakiris (promo)3.10 Show guest: Sterling MireShow guest: Sterling Mire (promo)