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73. We chat with Roxane Boonstra from the Coral Restoration Foundation for an update on diving operations plus Wet Notes news and information updates72. Listen to my recap of the Dive Equipment Marketing Association 2021 Show plus Wet Notes updates you on some new products
Is there a blood test on the way to detect DCS? Research is ongoing but how close is it? Shearwater has now indicated that production has been halted on the Perdix dive computers along with the Peregrine (they use the same screen). According to Simon Morris from Shearwater it may be March 2022 before they are again shipping the computers. Stream2Sea will be offering a new sunscreen in 2022. It is being branded as An Everyday Sunscreen with Eco-Safe Zinc. This is a great new product that is absolutely reef safe. Diving Unlimited International is about to release a redesign of their DuoTherm undergarment. Need to take your car key fob diving and want it to be safe, then look at DRYFOB. The Dive Equipment Marketing Association - DEMA 2021 Show was an outstanding success (in my opinion). Despite all of the headwinds and challenges and negativity from may, DEMA persevered and produced the show. It was what the scuba diving industry needed. I connected with Tom Ingram, the president and CEO of DEMA. He is cautiously optimistic about the future. He recognized this year as challenging but with the commitment of the board of directors, they forged ahead. The full slate of seminars was outstanding. They covered a wide range of sales, marketing, leadership and motivational topics. This access is a tremendous value. The exhibit floor was noticeably smaller but what lacked in quantity made up in quality. The exhibitors were easily accessible and able to spend time to really have a great dialog. You just can't beat the networking opportunities. DEMA is an association that is critical to our business and we all need to think of what the future of the show will be - not what it was.
Nov 22 2021
19 mins
71. Your Next Dive takes us to Pompano Beach plus Wet Notes covers Osborne Reef, Alert Diver Magazine and More
Dan and Betty Orr have a new ebook titled "101 Tips for Scuba Divers". You can get it online at Apple Book Store, Amazon or wisediver.com for $9.99. The Shearwater Peregrine computer is currently on back order. The delays may last until early January 2022. Alert Diver from Divers Alert Network is combining their third and fourth quarter edition. It should be hitting the streets in mid-November. 4Ocean is cleaning up a section of Osborne Reef. In the 1970s, just off Ft. Lauderdale over two million tires were placed in the ocean to create an artificial reef. The tires are now tearing up the reefs and 4Ocean has obtained a permit to cleanup a 34 acre area just north of the reef. It is being funded by the 4Ocean Osborne Reef Bracelet. Stuart Cove is back with some new installments of Last Man Diving. Your Next Dive takes us to Pompano Beach where we do some diving with South Florida Diving Headquarters. It is easy to get to Pompano Beach by flying into Ft. Lauderdale Airport and taking a short ride to Pompano. Staying at the Sands Harbor Resort in the same marina as the dive shop. The rooms are what you'd expect for a hotel that does cater to divers. South Florida Diving Headquarters operates several boats. Be prepared to potentially go out with a partner dive boat. We did one day of diving with Scuba Tyme. The diving off of Pompano was excellent. There were some great wrecks and healthy reefs. With great visibility and warm temperatures, it was great to get back in the water. Listen to the podcast for more information on the diving operation.
Nov 8 2021
17 mins
70. An Interview with Andy Leisner, PADI’s Chief Consumer Officer where we discuss PADI Club and more, plus an abbreviated Wet Notes69. Wet Note updates PADI club, the Shearwater Peregrine, Raise the Reef and more, plus we will recap the 2021 67th Boston Sea Rovers Clinic
Oct 11 2021
19 mins
68. Wet Note updates The Dive Locker Podcast, Sea Life smartphone housing and more, plus Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive and the Diplomatic Pouch
Sep 27 2021
18 mins
67. Wet Notes updates PADI AWARE Week, another photo contest, and new products from Aqualung plus Your Next Dive takes us to the wreck of the Chester Poling
If you want to dive with a purpose, check out an opportunity next year to spend a week at the Atlantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete in the Philippines participating in a program led by the Coral Restoration Foundation. This year the PADI AWARE Foundation's AWARE Week is set for September 18 to 26, 2021. AWARE Week's goal is to empower the global dive community to lead or take part in conservation activities and courses focused on local action for global impact. The 2022 Aqualung buyers guide was recently released and they a lot of new products and colors coming out next year. First there is a new regulator - the Helix Pro and the Helix. Additionally they have reworked their Aquaflex wetsuits and now have Aquaflex Mens and Aquaflex Womans along with the FreeFlex 2 mm suit. New colors include Sand, and Petrol along with Red and Orange on some different equipment. Apeks also has a new regulator - the XL4 Ocea - billed as a totally sustainable regulator made with post consumer waste. Also, Apeks is releasing its first dive computer - the DSX - capable of programming 6 gases and can monitor 6 transmitters. Your Next Dive takes us to Gloucester, MA where we will dive the wreck of the Chester A. Poling. The Poling was a coastal tanker that sank on January 10, 1977. The ship split in half with the stern section coming to rest just off Eastern Point, Gloucester in 75 feet of water while the bow section went down about 4 miles from Eastern Point in 190 feet of water. Subsequent winter storms moved the stern about 800 yards off of Eastern Point in about 90 feet of water. The stern section is upright. Summer bottom temperatures range from the upper 40 degrees F to the lower 50s. Visibility can be up to 30 feet. You can book a charter with Cape Ann Diver 2 out of Gloucester. Just remember you need all of your own gear.
Sep 13 2021
20 mins
66. Wet Notes updates the fate of the Gulf Stream, Dutch Springs and more plus we review the book Descent Into Darkness
A study published by Niklas Boers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research indicates that the Gulf Stream is on the verge of collapse. This would dramatically change the weather in North America and Europe - making it colder. Additionally there would be sea level rise, disruption of the monsoon patterns and impacts to the Amazon rainforest and Antarctic ice sheet. Do you miss Dive Training Magazine? Word from Catherine Castle Garcia is that they are hoping to be publishing again in the fourth quarter of 2021. Looking forward to a new edition coming soon. The Boston Sea Rovers annual show is still on track for October 2 and 3, 2021. Here is the latest update on Dutch Springs. Last week the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission reviewed the plans. They were not supportive of the plan but there may be little that can be done to stop the proposed warehouse development. PADI also has developed a white paper outlining the economic benefit that Dutch Springs generates as a diving venue. The developer is working with local officials to "offload" the quarry but not sure exactly how this would work. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, a team of Navy divers was tasked with the salvage efforts for the US Pacific Fleet. The book Descent Into Darkness by Commander Edward C. Raymer is a memoir of one of these divers who spent most of the war working on the salvage efforts on all of the battleships damaged at Pearl Harbor. Commander Raymer also spent about eight months in the South Pacific doing salvage operations in the Solomon Islands. This book provides a great insight into the courage and stamina that these men exhibited doing a very difficult task.
Aug 30 2021
18 mins
65. Wet Notes updates Dutch Springs developments, Shearwater SWIFT and more plus Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – Proof of Guilt
The owner and operator of Dutch Springs since 1980, Stuart Schooley has decided to retire and I congratulate him on this well deserved milestone. Stu is selling Dutch Springs to a Texas developer who plans to create a 300,000 square foot warehouse facility on the property. This development will restrict access to the quarry and with that it looks like Dutch Springs will close at the end of the 2021 season. This is extremely sad news for the northeast diving community. So many dive shops like Scuba Shack have made Dutch Springs an integral part of their diving culture. Very sad and disappointing news. Shearwater just announced a new wireless pressure transmitter. It is called SWIFT. The SWIFT is said to maintain a highly reliable connection to the dive computer and it apparently listens for other transmitters and only communicates when the channel is clear. The SWIFT is backward compatible with all existing Shearwater air integrated enabled computers. You just have to do a firmware upgrade. With this firmware upgrade you will be able to monitor up to 4 SWIFT transmitters on your Shearwater. It looks like it will retail for $395 US. On this installment of Sea Hunt It's Still Alive, we go back to season 2 episode 33 - Proof of Guilt. This episode premiered 62 years ago on August 16, 1959. In this episode Mike is in the Hawaiian Islands testing underwater film and television cameras. His underwater cameras are needed by the owner of a private island, Sandy who grows cultured pearls. It seems that thieves are stealing the pearls but Sandy needs proof. That is where Mike's cameras come in. Mike agrees to help Sandy and as you can guess there's trouble ahead. It's three against one during these underwater fight scenes. Mike and the Honolulu police prevail and Mike gets a well deserved vacation with Sandy on this mythical Hawaiian Island.
Aug 16 2021
19 mins
64. Wet Notes update on Alert Diver, the Cayman’s opening plan and more plus Your Next Dive takes us to St. Thomas
The 2nd quarter 2021 edition of Alert Diver Magazine from Divers Alert Network (DAN) is out. A great publication packed with so much great information. You can learn about shallow water arterial gas embolism, and travel to Roatan. You can also read about the Flower Garden Banks and Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuaries. It is a cover-to-cover read. The Cayman Islands are still not open to tourists at this time but they have put forth a five phase plan for reopening. The next milestone is September 9, 2021 when they will open for vaccinated tourists to enter with some restrictions but only if 80% of the island's population is vaccinated. If that is achieved then by October 14, 2021 the plan is to admit vaccinated visitors without quarantine restrictions. Great news out of Washington, D.C. - the US Senate passed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2021 with a vote of 68 to 34. With bi-partisan support and sponsorship the bill is now with the US House of Representatives where hopefully it will make its way to President Biden for his signature protecting these apex predators. On this installment of Your Next Dive we will be heading to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands - no passport necessary. You can get in some great diving. If you like wrecks there is the Wit Shoal, Miss Opportunity or the Kennedy Barge. For reefs you can experience Sprat Point or Amando's Paradise. With water temperatures in the mid 80s and visibility between 60 to 100 feet you won't be disappointed. As for dive shops you might check out Admiralty Dive Center. Take a tour of the island and head to Mountaintop for a fantastic view and the world famous banana daiquiri. Some good places to eat include the Green House, Glady's Cafe or Coco Beach Club.
Jul 30 2021
20 mins
63. Wet Notes updates Boston Sea Rovers, Washed Ashore, Deep Pools and more plus a look at Farallon Industries62. Wet Notes updates REEF Fest 2021, Olympus cameras, manatees and more, plus Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – The Hero61. Wet Notes updates a new Mission Blue Hope Spot, the PADI Aware Foundation and more plus Your Next Dive goes to Key Largo60. Wet Note update on Stuart Cove’s, Stony Coral Tissue Disease in the Caymans plus What is the Jet-O-Sen?59. Wet Notes News and Information plus Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive – The Invader58. Wet Notes News and Info plus Your Next Dive takes us to Curacao57. Wet Notes updates the NOAA budget, a message in a bottle and more plus a look at Poseidon scuba equipment56. Wet Notes update on Seaspiracy, Luxfer & more plus Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive – The Alcatraz Story55. Wet Notes New and Information & Project Sealab 1 Report – Part 254. Wet Notes news and information, and Part 1 of The Project Sealab 1 Summary Report