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Sebastian LaCause

A narrative, non-fiction, queer tale of truth, transformation and realizing who you are. Through personal stories of self-realization, Sebastian examines his life and exposes dark truths. Facing his shadow head on, he learns self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and lights a path toward healing the pain from his past. A real life story about releasing who you thought you should be, to become who you authentically are. An honest, unapologetic story of reaching beyond personal limitations.

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Chapter Fifteen, Bread Crumbs | Part Two
Nov 1 2020
Chapter Fifteen, Bread Crumbs | Part Two
In part two of Bread Crumbs, I continue the discovery of becoming the witness of life unfolding, instead of the victim. I was coming in to the realization that the universe wasn’t setting me up to fail but was in fact leading me to where I wanted to go and that the only resistance getting in the way was coming from me.I was and still am deepening my trust in life, so that I can be more of a deliberate creator and less reactionary and less living in memorized emotion and unconscious behavior.I discuss how I discovered my purpose through this process, facing my shadow self and dismantling old beliefs and how I’m continuing to reach beyond what I know.Support here!Patreon - WATCH my short film DISCIPLE here! Instagram!AHFQueerX FestDISCIPLE Kickstarter - watch the video when I come out publicly about my status for the first timeDISCIPLE Facebook - follow the film, WATCH the trailerPaul SeligReading ListThe Power of Now | Eckhart TolleA New Earth |  Eckhart TolleAsk And It Is Given | Abraham HicksThe Four Agreements | Don Miguel RuizRealization | Paul SeligAlchemy | Paul SeligSiddartha | Hermann HesseThink And Grow Rich | Napolean Hill | currently Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself (Audio) |  Dr. Joe DispenzaEvolve Your Brain  (Audio) | Dr. Joe Dispenza | currently Four Sacred Secrets (Audio) | Preethaji | currently