The Closer: Deals Change the World


The Closer brings you the inside story of deals changing the world, as told by the people who know how it all went down.

Understand the human motivations behind groundbreaking business decisions, and learn dealmaking lessons through a deep dive into one deal each week, with host Aimee Keane.

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Our Editor's Take

Behind every decision, there is a story to go along with it. The Closer: Deals Change the World is a business podcast that explores such kinds of stories. It focuses on the major deals and choices made by companies that affect the business world. These tales of corporations growing, thriving, and falling are intriguing and insightful.

Host Aimee Keane comes on to tell the stories behind landmark deals every season. This award-winning journalist has a long history on the podcast scene. She helped produce and develop the Financial Times' first narrative podcast, Behind the Money.

Each episode of The Closer focuses on the deals that changed large businesses. One examines the private equity success of PetSmart's Chewy acquisition. Another explores what happened with the troubled failings of WeWork's Project Fortitude. Companies including Heinz, Amazon, and Toys 'R' Us also get an analysis on The Closer. The show also explains the surprising reason Modelo became the top beer in the US.

The audience hears details from those close to the source. In "How Vince McMahon built an entertainment empire," for instance, Keane interviews an expert on the subject. Abraham Josephine Riesman authored the book Ringmaster, about pro wrestling mogul McMahon. Riesman tells Keane about McMahon's effect on the WWE. This episode examines how one businessman used public ire to grow his corporation.

Between the podcast's seasons, producer Ben Walsh joins Keane for "The Closer Weekly." These short episodes explore topics that are new and still developing. Fans can learn about the latest deals, mergers, and collapses as they happen. This makes the program great for anyone interested in the current business state.

This podcast is a series developed by Project Brazen. The network focuses on providing its listeners with quality journalism. The Closer: Deals Change the World continues this tradition. It focuses on the business side of journalism. This is a show that may entertain as well as inform.

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