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Mystery of the Shroud
May 11 2020
Mystery of the Shroud
For the first time projective geometry and photogrammetric survey, operating for many decades in the field of archeology, have been used to study the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo. The Shroud reveals a new phenomenon, a shocking reality. The fabric features distinct and sequential images released from parts of the body and moving objects. The phenomenon is similar to the result of stroboscopic photography. A single frame is impressed by the light reflected by a moving body, when a flash emits a series of flashes at very short intervals of time.The right hand is clenched into a fist in pulling an object, identified in the long belt of a tefillà tied around the left arm. This shows the voluntary movement of a man in full physical form. The same right hand in another position, the lower one, shows instead that in that instant the body was already considerably detached from the horizontal plane on which it had been placed. Even the left foot, the left hand, the nails, the tefillins, are surveied in dozens of distinct positions in sequence. The results of the last few years confirm several times that a pulsating source of energy, distant within the body, a source of penetrating energy, radiated in the two opposite directions all the atoms of the body in movement and of objects in movement. The projective scheme of it has been identified. The strength of these results lies in the objectivity of the data and in the repeatability of the photogrammetric restitution.