A Bit of Board Games: A Board Game Design Journey

Bit Waffle Games

*Life-permitting, there will be a new episode every Friday!* A casual podcast by Bit Waffle Games documenting our journey in designing and publishing board games. We talk about a bit of our lives, a bit of our design process, and a bit of board games.Bit Waffle Games is an independent board game studio made up of two friends, Trevor and Stephen. We are both based out of Colorado Springs, CO and love games! We've been playing board games for years, but just starting out our design/publishing journey. With Trevor's background creating and managing a successful start-up from the ground up and Stephen's experience in UX design and graphic design, we feel that we have a strong foundation to be successful in this industry that we both love.

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[10] The Games We Like
May 20 2022
35 mins
[10] The Games We Like[09] The Reality of Life[08] The Design Method[07] The Master Plan[06] The Blueprints[05] The Boys are Back[04] The Pike[03] The Prototyping Phase[02] The First Game[01] The Intro