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Hosts Jonathan & Kiley talk about the upcoming week, but a long time ago (and sometimes not so long ago). Occasionally, they even know what they are talking about! Join them in exploring topics like Space Monkeys, Teleportation, Viking Battles, Death Poems, and more!
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Halfwit History (Trailer)
86 - Symphonie Fantastique85 - Zheng Yi Sao (ft. Matt Spaziani)84 - Atari Video Computer System83 - Anita Garibaldi82 - Wild Bill Hickok81- P.T. Barnum80 - The Sony Walkman79 - The Molly Maguires78 - King Phillip's War77 - The False Dmitry76 - Jack Kevorkian75 - Mary's Lamb74 - The Antikythera Mechanism73 - Belle daCosta Greene72 - The Jenny Jones Show Murder71 - Gertrude Bell70 - The Teapot Dome Scandal69 - Baby Jessica68 - Moulin Rouge67 - Josephine Baker