Rising Stars Podcast

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Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of point-of-sale (POS) with the Rising Stars Podcast by Star Micronics, hosted by industry pro, Kate Orara. Twice a month, we explore the fascinating journeys of innovators and businesses navigating the challenges of technology's rapid pace. In every episode, Kate Orara, Partner Development Manager at Star, takes listeners on an exploration of emerging retail technology trends and strategies with global industry giants. She's spent her entire career meeting all the right people, and now listeners everywhere can benefit from this vast network of channel gurus. Always leading and always innovating, Star Micronics, a pioneer in POS and customer experience technology for over 60 years, welcomes you to join in helping shape a brighter future in the retail, hospitality, and cannabis industries. Together, we rise! Follow us on X, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things Star: https://instagram.com/starmicronics https://facebook.com/StarMicronicsSMA https://twitter.com/starmicronics https://linkedin.com/company/star-micronics Explore our website and blog: https://starmicronics.com https://starmicronics.com/blog/ https://podcast.starmicronics.com #StarMicronics #RisingStarsPodcast #PointOfSale #RetailTech #RetailerSolutions #POSSolutions #RetailInnovation Visit https://podcast.starmicronics.com for more information. Explore our website: https://starmicronics.com read less