The Car Czar Show with Doug Brauner

Doug & Kim Brauner

The Car Czar Podcast is a head-spinning 22 minutes of automotive hysteria, behind the scenes information, and packed full of the secrets that car dealers and mechanics will never tell you and don’t want you to know. But Doug is and will reveal all each show in different ways. The listener emerges every day as smarter, wiser, more automotively empowered, and a virtual expert at all that rolls on wheels. It’s the fastest, most mind-blowing automotive show in the world!

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Episode 17: The Truth About Gas Price
Episode 17: The Truth About Gas PriceEpisode 16: The Electric Money PitEpisode 15: My Kids Call Me SantaEpisode 14: Hitting the RoadEpisode 13: An Interview with Rich DesmondEpisode 12: Doug's Thoughts on Les SchwabEpisode 11: Why Used Cars Are ExpensiveEpisode 10: Put This in Your Glove BoxEpisode 9: Cabbage Where?Episode 8: Tesla is a JokeEpisode 7: Joe Buck and Wiper FluidEpisode 6: Kentucky Fried LogEpisode 5: Car Czar KidEpisode 4: Uber's Big ProblemEpisode 3: License Plate SpiesEpisode 2: Tapping the History ButtonEpisode 1: The First Real One