Have You Seen This Man?

ABC News

John Ruffo engineered one of the most outlandish frauds in American history -- a $350 million swindle. But even after his arrest, no one really knew Ruffo. When the unassuming Brooklyn computer salesman pleaded guilty in 1998 and received a 17-year prison sentence, his story was just beginning. He turned in his ankle monitor, made a final stop at an ATM, drove to JFK Airport and vanished. In Season 2, the ABC News investigative unit joins the U.S. Marshals cold-case fugitive manhunt for Ruffo as they span the globe and uncover surprising details about his cloak-and-dagger past. The final clue may come from listeners who will once again be asked, Have You Seen This Man?

S1 | Trailer: Join the Nationwide Manhunt for Lester Eubanks
Oct 15 2019
2 mins
S1 | Ep. 1: Outside the Half-Hour LaundromatS1 | Ep. 2: A Trip to the MallS1 | Ep. 3: Blood is Thicker Than WaterS1 | Ep. 4: Father FigureS1 | Ep. 5: He Ain't Gonna Give You S---S1 | Ep. 6: Gone Too SoonS1 | Bonus: Sweet Home Alabama?S2 | Trailer: Join the Global Manhunt for John RuffoS2 | Ep. 1: ‘Hold On, Marshal Kevin’S2 | Ep. 2: Project StarS2 | Ep. 3: The DreamS2 | Ep. 4: The Long ConS2 | Ep. 5: In from the ColdS2 | Ep. 6: The BarberAn Update from 'Have You Seen This Man?'