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2022 the year of Dookie
Jan 10 2023
2022 the year of Dookie
Check out this episode in VIDEO FORMAT :D In today's episode we discuss awkward family arguments at Christmas dinner, and recap just how terrible 2022 was on a global standpoint. Links I used for research:Random page times on plastic in blood 6 capitol riots: - Ukraine war overturns roe v wade of 2022 hole pic and article population reached 8 billion,today%20on%20World%20Population%20Day.Iranian protest Inflation map deaths: me on my social medias:Instagram :@MasterRoachie666Twitter : @MasterRoach666Tik Tok: @MasterRoachie666Reddit : @MasterRoachie666Youtube : Master Roachie Twitch: @MasterRoachie666