The Art of Transformation

Mara Evenstar

Transformation is more than just change. It is a change so radical that a shift in identity or form occurs. Even positive transformation is unsettling. How can we become allies with this powerful force? How can we move through our transformations with less fear and more grace? How do we become the artists of our own transformation?brbr Often we perceive that change is happening to us, rather than from us. However there is an alternative way to experience change and transformation, and it is one that works with the natural patterns of our world. This alternative way of experiencing allows and empowers us to be artists and creators of our own lives.brbr Here, on The Art of Transformation, we playfully explore transformation from several dimensions. We search out the patterns and mechanics of transformation at work on our personal, cultural and institutional levels. This deepened understanding allows us to participate with change more fully in all aspects of our experience.
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