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AFSPA Talks Women's Pelvic Health
Oct 2 2023
AFSPA Talks Women's Pelvic Health
Today, AFSPA welcomes Dr. Kandis Daroski, PT, DPT, to our show to discuss a new offering from Hinge Health: their Women's Pelvic Health program. Dr. Kandis talks through common pelvic floor issues and how they manifest themselves and how they are typically treated (or more commonly not). She then talks through the innovative solution offered for treating pelvic floor disorders - remote exercise and physical therapy from Hinge Health. This program is available to FSBP members beginning October 1, 2023. Visit to learn more about all the programs from Hinge Health.Find more information about how meditation can help with pelvic health: for a Hinge Health webinar to learn more: Did you know that many women experience symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) for years without realizing it? Join Dr. Kandis Daroski and Dr. Bijal Toprani, two pelvic health experts from Hinge Health, for an insightful discussion about pelvic health and how to care for it.Please note: This webinar is designed for those with female vaginal anatomy and is hosted by Hinge Health, a covered insurance benefit that employees on certain healthcare plans have access to. Please confirm with your employer if you qualify for Hinge Health.