Crazy in Love


Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. You see stars, you feel giddy, but sometimes it makes us do crazy things and sometimes that means murder. Crazy In Love digs into the complex and contentious real-life stories of when beautiful love takes a gruesome turn. We explore the murderous lengths people went to in the name of love. Romantic love, motherly, brotherly and sisterly love, bestie bonds and lusty love. They can all make us a little crazy sometimes. Each week explores a new crime, told through a combination of interviews, news footage and narration.
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Introducing Crazy in Love
Episode 3 - The Lawyer, The Honor Student and Long Distance Love Gone WrongEpisode 2 - The Millionaire, the Gold Digger and the Obsessive LoverEpisode 1 - The Homecoming Queen, The Husband and his Deadly Midlife CrisisIntroducing Crazy in Love