Mississippi Artist to Artist

Derek Covington Smith

Welcome to the Mississippi Artist to Artist podcast brought to you by The Little Yellow Building in Brookhaven, Mississippi. We celebrate Mississippi visual artists of all walks of life and provide them with a platform to share all about themselves and their work. I hope you enjoy learning about their fascinating lives as much as I do!

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Welcome to the final episode of the year!!!! This episode features our top 5 most listened-to interviews. (a list of the artists, socials & websites below)A few months ago, we organized and strategized for this upcoming year. Part of that was finding a new hosting website for the podcast. When we switched to the new hosting site, we were shocked with numbers and stats never available to us before. We found out you were listening! Armed with new information, we decided to rename the podcast to fit the content better and be more accessible for new listeners to find. Your support has been unbelievable, and we look forward to what another year has in store!Wishing the Best New Year,- DTop 5:Rosanne Mckenney - https://www.instagram.com/rosannemckenneyart/ - https://www.rosannemckenney.com/Church Goin' Mule - https://www.instagram.com/churchgoinmule/ - https://www.churchgoinmule.com/ - https://www.instagram.com/jxfarms/Paulette Dove - https://www.instagram.com/paulettedove/ - https://georgeohr.org/event/self-portrait-collage-workshop/Lawson King - https://www.instagram.com/lawsonmayne/ Jennifer Drinkwater - https://www.instagram.com/jenniferdrinkwater/ - https://whatsgoodproject.com/ - https://www.instagram.com/thewhatsgoodproject/You can support the podcast by leaving a rating or review wherever you listen to podcasts. This helps others find us and continue to grow this stellar community.If you like what we are about, I hope you consider donating or becoming a member of TLYB.Visit www.TheLittleYellowBuilding.com to sign up today.Support the show (https://bit.ly/3lXHFEN)
Dec 31 2021
51 mins