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Colton Petry

Being “Just Dumb Enough” is all about being okay with yourself, and the situation you find yourself in, after you bring up a topic in front of a real expert. The premise of the show is exposing the general listening audience to topics, careers, experiences, or lifestyles they may otherwise know very little about. My name is Colton Petry, I am the Host of the Just Dumb Enough Podcast, and I‘m your professional idiot.

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Writing Horror with Michaelbrent Collings
Writing Horror with Michaelbrent CollingsMovie Critics with Tyler SmithBeekeeping with Ben CooperLightsaber Combat with Austin WellsNew York City with Christina Stanton
New York City! Let's get to walkin' here! Today my guest is Christina Ray Stanton, a New York City tour guide with over thirty years of experience showing the Big Apple to people who've never experienced it. We cover all kinds of things from planning a trip, to staying safe while out and about. On top of that we briefly discuss her experience living through the 9/11 attack and the award winning book she wrote about pressing through the fallout from just six blocks away. I don't want anyone to be caught off guard when it comes up near the end of the episode, but I also don't want anyone turned away by the seriousness of it. We spend a couple minutes at most discussing the whole situation, giving most of our time to the city itself and experiences any tourist could wish to find there.   Email the show at: DumbEnoughPodcast@Gmail.Com or through any of the social media pages! Questions, topic suggestion, guest recommendations; I want to hear them all! Remember to tell other about this show. It's slowly growing, but could do it a lot faster with some help from listeners like you. You could also rate it on Spotify or iTunes. It only takes a second and it means a whole lot to me. There is going to be a second episode this week. If you're one of those who listen to or download this right away you might have time to guess what it'll be about since it's related to a specific day (Between May 1st and 7th).   Lastly we've got the final rankings for April: 1. The United States, with Oregon narrowly beating rising star Florida. 2. Canada, with Alberta leading the pack. 3. Australia, with a come from behind jump to the top 3. 4. The United Kingdom. 5. Mexico.
May 2 2022
57 mins
Fashion Startups with Martina CarelloSurviving Criticism with Bill Lee-EmeryPsychiatry with Dr. Michael BlumenfieldWhat is Art? with Dan Henk
What is art? Is there an overlap between the classic oil painting by the Renaissance masters, HP Lovecraft, and a 21st century tattoo artist? Yes of course there is. No matter how they differ as people, they are all contributing a form of art into the world.  That's what my guest, Dan Henk, and I discuss today.  Dan has his hands in a lot of art fields, and by that I mean A LOT of fields. Over time he's also become well recognized in many of them. From political cartoons to fantasy novels, from oil paintings to tattoos, and as you'll hear throughout the episode, numerous others.    Thank you all for listening to this episode of the Just Dumb Enough Podcast. Please share it with people if you enjoyed it and want to see it get to a point where I'm doing more than one a week. Also reviews help! Send questions, comments, or suggestions to DumbEnoughPodcast@Gmail.Com or reach out to any of the social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)!   March leaderboard ended with the same rankings as last episode: 1. United States 2. Canada 3. India 4. United Kingdom 5. Sweden   First Quarter 2022: 1. United States 2. United Kingdom 3. Canada 4. India And beating Germany by one listener, Sweden for #5.   Top ten all time! 1. US (65% of the total audience, covering all but 5 states which are now my least favorite states) 2. United Kingdom with a half a percent lead over #3. 3. Canada (played in all but 3 territories, with Ontario having the biggest listener base) 4. Australia (Covering all but 1 territory! So close!) 5. India 6. Germany 7. Sweden 8. New Zealand 9. Japan. And rounding out the top 10... 10. Brazil!   Thank you all so much for being here and listening to the journey so far, and thanks to everyone rolling through episodes they find interesting in the back catalog some time in the future.
Apr 4 2022
1 hr 14 mins
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