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Hypnotic Meditation
Jun 15 2022
Hypnotic Meditation
Episode 59: Check out my chat with craniosacral therapist & hypnotist, Mary Welp. She pulled from her 20 years of experience & created RISE Hypnotic Meditation – a technique where meditation meets self-hypnosis in 4 easy steps for meaningful change.We talk about the responsibility of healers, craniosacral therapy, past-life regressions, future-life progressions, hypnosis, spirit guides, & more! I even share a weird alien hypnosis experience I had. The first chunk of this episode is in my normal interview format but in the last 15 minutes or so, Mary guides me through a brief example of a hypnotic meditation & you can join in if you'd like! STAY WEIRD, WEIRDOS.*Link to Mary Welp's Website:*Link to Mary Welp's upcoming RISE training:*Link to Mary Welp's book, RISE Hypnotic Meditation:***DONATE TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD:******DONATE TO EVERYTOWN FOR GUN SAFETY:****SUPPORT Follow the Woo (PATREON): If you would like to help with the creation of this podcast, receive bonus content, merchandise, and more, you can become a member of The Order of Woo:*Instagram & TikTok: @followthewoo*All Inquiries: