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Kyla Denanyoh

A podcast that shares the experiences and successes of law graduates who created their own paths.

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Kyla Denanyoh - Podcast Host and Lawyer
Season 3 Wrap Up with Kyla DenanyohChriston Halkiotis - Solo Practitioner and LawyerJaya Saxena - DEI Executive and LawyerJames Mattox III - Car Wreck Professor and LawyerSharon Christie - Bold Women Lawyers Founder and LawyerJolene Blackbourn - Legal Learning Center Founder and LawyerDevin Zito - Technology Professional and LawyerJustin Stivers - Estate Planner and Lawyer
Justin Stivers is the founder and CEO of The Probate Law Firm. Once told that he could do anything with a law degree, Justin Stivers went to law school after a non-traditional path. After living in Honduras with the Peace Corps and considering a career as a scuba instructor, Justin Stivers found that being a lawyer was a great career for him. Justin Stivers decided to use social media to teach others about probate law and estate planning. After challenging himself to create content every day for a year, Justin Stivers found that consistency and authenticity allowed him to reach thousands of people. Listen to learn:When to open your own law firmHow financial advisors and estate planners work togetherWhy philosophy is a great major for pre-law studentsWe also discuss:How to test-drive living abroad (hint: don’t quit your day job)Best career choices if you have a JD and philosophy backgroundWhat to do if you are miserable while practicing lawJustin Stivers is licensed to practice law in Florida and Tennessee. Learn more about You Are A Lawyer guest Justin Stivers:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stiverslaw/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcIyGEpme0t_h2R73CdKOBw LinkedIn: ​​https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-stivers-289b38100/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justin.stivers*You Are A Lawyer is hosted by Kyla Denanyoh.  Follow the podcast:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youarealawyer/Twitter:  https://twitter.com/YouAreA_LawyerWebsite: https://www.youarealawyer.comADVERTISER:  This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.
Feb 3 2022
28 mins
Elisabeth Steele - Public Speaking Specialist and LawyerMaya Markovich - Legal Tech Investor and LawyerCaroline Vickers - Bar Prep Champ Founder and LawyerAli Awad - CEOLawyer Founder and LawyerCandace Spencer - Food Consultant and LawyerDavid Orozco - SettleShark Founder and Lawyer
David Orozco has not sat for a bar exam, but David has not removed the option of ever taking a bar exam.  David creates businesses and teaches with this same anticipation or expectation to be surprised by what will happen next. As an undergraduate student at New York University, David Orozco took a Civil Liberties elective in his final year of school.  This course piqued David’s interest in becoming a lawyer.  David quickly turned his initial fear of discovering case law and legal jargon into an appreciation for legal research and procedures. David attended law school at Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law and he thoroughly enjoyed law school.  David participated in a number of organizations and worked as an editor.  David planned to work in a large law firm or on Wall Street, but David’s need to explore led him toward academia. After graduating from law school, David began a research fellowship at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  After the fellowship, David began teaching at Michigan Technological University before teaching business administration at Florida State University. David Orozco is also the Editor-In-Chief of the American  Business LawJournal and co-founder of SettleShark, LLC.  SettleShark assists consumers and small business owners with settling their disputes.  David sees SettleShark as a consumer resource and activist tool to help the average consumer understand their rights and how to act with large corporations. SettleShark was created after David used demand letters to win thousands of dollars for consumers and David realized that this resource did not exist. Together with his business partner, Lonny, David uses SettleShark to level the playing field and educate the masses.  David Orozco is not licensed.  Connect with David Orozco on Twitter @ProfessorOrozco and @SettleShark and on LinkedIn.  Contact David Orozco at info@settleshark.com for access to his article about TicketMaster and their marketing practices.Follow the You Are A Lawyer podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer, Clubhouse @youarealawyer, and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @kjd796. This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.
Nov 11 2021
20 mins
Michelle Words - Expat Professor and Lawyer
If you ever daydreamed about leaving your job, grabbing your passport, and moving to a new country, Michelle Words believes you should and will help you prepare to do so.  Michelle Words lives an organic life; she believes that you make plans, plans change, you work with those new plans and see what happens. Michelle Words is an avid international traveler, business law professor, expat, and podcast host. Yet, Michelle did not embrace the thrills of travelling until she was in graduate school. Michelle obtained a Master’s degree from Clark Atlanta University, where Michelle studied finance. Then life happened and Michelle decided to attend law school.After law school and working as an associate vice president of Bank of America, Michelle decided that she wanted to truly embrace life and get off the corporate “hamster wheel.” A Mediterranean cruise sparked Michelle’s interest in international travel; an appreciation that led Michelle to visit more than 60 countries. Although Michelle encourages international travel, Michelle encourages you to learn as much as you can about the culture, customs, and best practices before your plane leaves the States. Michelle has spent the last seven years living in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, teaching business law, and sharing her career experiences with undergraduate and business students.  Michelle inadvertently discovered that she truly enjoys teaching and using her work experiences as examples in the classroom. Michelle Words is also the podcast host of Flippin’ The Script! In each podcast episode, Michelle speaks with mature women about how they change their lives (e.g. their scripts) and encourages women to seek change, instead of settling for what is expected.  Flippin’ The Script is available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and you may find more information at flippinthescript.com.Michelle Words is licensed in Wisconsin.  Connect with Michelle Words on LinkedIn and Instragram @flippinthescriptpodcast.Follow the You Are A Lawyer podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer, Clubhouse @youarealawyer, and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @mrsdenanyoh. This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.
Oct 28 2021
33 mins
Katherin Hervey - Filmmaker and Lawyer
If you think having a law degree limits your creativity you haven’t met Katherin Hervey.  Katherin has worked as a magazine editor, a public defender, a film enthusiast, a holistic artist, a director, and filmmaker.  After studying cross-cultural communications, which was a self-designed major at the University of Washington, Katherin found that curating her own degree was her way of diving into her interests.  Katherin was able to take women's studies courses, ethnicity, psychology and  sociology courses which motivated Katherin to pick up a camera.Katherin Hervey attended law school at Loyola- Los Angeles and later became a public defender.  Katherin found the tradition, patriarchy, and hierarchical processes of law school to be stifling, and Katherin rebelled against most of what she saw in law school.  Law school inspired Katherin to wonder about the people behind the case law and find her own way to tell stories of others.  Katherin’s interest in the background stories combined with her experiences as a public defender in California, motivated Katherin to go behind the prison walls to share the stories of men on death row. Katherin wants you to know that the stories of the men behind the walls could be you, these men could be your brothers, uncles, nephews.  Katherin used language and terminology learned from being a public defender while appealing to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to gain access to the men inside.  Katherin’s mission in filming ‘The Prison Within’ is to show the empathy of the men behind the walls; show the work that these men are completing and showing their humanity.  Every person is on a parallel journey to heal and these men are not unlike the lives of those who live on the outside of the walls.Although Katherin believes that she would have taken a creative path regardless of attending law school, Katherin Hervey  knows that she would not have created a project like ‘The Prison Within’ had she never attended law school. Learn more about ‘The Prison Within’ at theprisonwithin.org, and watch the film ‘The Prison Within’ on Tubi, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play.Katherin Hervey is licensed in California.  Connect with Katherin Hervey on Instagram @theprisonwithin.Follow the You Are A Lawyer podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer, Clubhouse @youarealawyer, and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @kjd796. This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.
Oct 14 2021
37 mins
Frank Ramos - Miami Mentor and Lawyer
What do you want people to say about you at your retirement party?  Frank Ramos wears multiple hats, but all of his activities and hobbies are centered around ensuring that his life is meaningful. Licensed in Florida, Frank Ramos is a litigation partner and has worked with the same law firm for 23 years.  However, Frank has diverse interests which range from being an author to mentoring lawyers to being a former podcast host.Among his 18 other books, Frank is the author of a book called the Associate Whisperer.  Frank is empathetic with young lawyers in a way that resonates with them.  This book provides probing questions and assignments for these lawyers to determine where they want to be in life and ensure that they are in the right place. Frank Ramos created the website, Miami Mentor, to provide information about public speaking, trial skills, being published and even evaluating your law firm.  Most of these resources are free; services that Frank provides to the world for the purpose of giving everyone the opportunity to educate themselves in weak areas.  Frank has resources for law students, young lawyers and established lawyers because Frank has been in all of these roles and uses his experiences to teach others.Frank Ramos also spends his time working as a purpose coach where he challenges people to look for their mission, their destiny or what they are supposed to do in their lives.  Frank is adamant that this self reflection is not only necessary as a new lawyer, but tenured lawyers may also learn about what motivates them.Frank Ramos is licensed in Florida.  Connect with Frank Ramos on LinkedIn and at www.miamimentor.com.Follow the You Are A Lawyer podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer, Clubhouse @youarealawyer, and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @kjd796. Kyla Denanyoh is a 2015 graduate of Southern University Law Center (SULC).This episode is sponsored by the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas.
Sep 30 2021
15 mins
BONUS - FAQs for Kyla Denanyoh, You Are A Lawyer Podcast HostVernon W. Thomas - Judge Advocate and Lawyer
Vernon W. Thomas is a member of the U.S. Army Reserve Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG), an Orleans Parish city prosecutor, a bookworm, former East Baton Rouge Parish public defender and has experience as a solo practitioner. Yet, Vernon did not grow up with aspirations to be a lawyer. Vernon grew up watching his father, Vernon P. Thomas, a 1979 Southern University Law Center graduate, run a thriving legal practice.  However, Vernon attended Dillard University with intentions to become a school teacher.  After numerous discussions with his father, Vernon realized that his analytical mind might enjoy law school.  As a 2009 Southern University Law Center graduate, Vernon studied with a group of classmates for the bar exam.  While being too broke to pay for a formal bar prep course and having military-style discipline, Vernon endured a tenuous schedule and prides himself on passing the Louisiana bar exam on his first try.  After working in various legal roles, in numerous cities, and on multiple active duty assignments with the United States Army Reserves, Vernon is back in his hometown of New Orleans.Currently, Vernon W. Thomas is a lawyer with the Law Office of Vernon P. Thomas; a role that Vernon inherited after his father passed away in 2016.  Vernon and his brother, Hunter Thomas, a 2017 Southern University Law Center graduate, both share the workload at their fathers’ namesake office.  Vernon W. Thomas is licensed in Louisiana.  Connect with Vernon W. Thomas on LinkedIn. Follow the You Are A Lawyer podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer, Clubhouse @youarealawyer, and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @mrsdenanyoh.  Kyla Denanyoh is a 2015 graduate of Southern University Law Center (SULC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Sep 2 2021
24 mins
Dana Shaker - Yin Yogi and Lawyer
Dana Shaker has an intriguing career journey.  When Dana began law school, she was convinced that she wanted to work in policy and advocate for food practices.  However, the three rigorous years of law school led Dana to consider other options.  After taking the California bar exam twice and not passing the test, Dana listened to urging from her family and friends to take the D.C. bar exam.  Not only did Dana Shaker pass the D.C. bar exam, but it made sense for Dana to be licensed where Dana had multiple relationships and career connections. This meandering road to becoming a licensed attorney led Dana to working as a policy consultant in Sacramento, California.  The irony of working in the state where she originally wanted to be licensed is not lost on Dana. After rediscovering her enjoyment of yoga, Dana Shaker became certified in yin yoga and hosts numerous courses, in person and online, teaching others the benefits of yoga.  Dana finds that her background as a lawyer allows her to resonate with others in the legal profession.  Through her business, The Inward Journey with Dana Shaker, Dana entourages bar examinees and lawyers to journal and Dana lends a listening ear to her clients, when it's needed.Dana Shaker is licensed in the District of Columbia.  Connect with Dana Shaker on Instagram @thelotuslawyer, Pinterest @thelotuslawyer, and her website, danashaker.com.Follow the You Are A Lawyer podcast on Twitter @YouAreA_Lawyer, Instagram @youarealawyer, Clubhouse @youarealawyer, and on LinkedIn.  Follow the podcast host, Kyla Denanyoh, on Instagram @mrsdenanyoh.  Kyla Denanyoh is a 2015 graduate of Southern University Law Center (SULC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Aug 19 2021
28 mins