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Zee Michaelson Travel Podcast are 30-minute episodes about everything and anything you want to know about travel. We share travel tips and more. We chat with guests like other Travel Advisors. We work closely with travel vendors to bring you the latest information. We explore all parts of the world that you may have only dreamed about. Or maybe you may want to check it off your bucket list. It’s time to get back to travel. And Zee Michaelson Travel will help you get there.

EP 29  Luxury Travel with Scenic
Jul 26 2022
EP 29 Luxury Travel with Scenic
An important Travel Tip KNOW WHEN YOUR TRAVEL CREDIT EXPIRES. I have completely forgot about telling everyone about this.  COVID  had us all spending time at home and we had travel plans that we made on cruise lines and tour groups.  Many of these companies gave you a travel credit because you could not go, and it was no fault of your own.  Many cruise lines have been working on getting these credits working for you.  But you can’t hold on to them indefinitely.  You must use them.  So, take a peek at the rule on your travel credit.  If you have a travel advisor talk to them about getting this credit utilized.  You don’t want to lose it. Just like Expedition Cruise lines. There are many luxury River Boat cruise lines.  So, let’s take a look at Scenic Cruise.  Scenic has 12 long boats to choose from and where they go…decisions decisions…. Of course, you have Europe/France/Portugal/and South East Asia Now you saying okay ... what rivers … Let go on the Danube/Main/Rhine/Moselle/Rhone/Douro/Seine/Bordeaux/Mekong/ IrrawaddySomething that I hate when I travel is to be nickeled and dimed.  I don’t want to keep taking out my charge card.  So Scenic offers you a truly inclusive offer…from transfers to tips. Your Exclusive Enrich, Free choice and Tailormade excursions.  They think of everything.  Like your minibar you won’t have to worry about money at all…Even bottled water when you are onshore. They really do mean all inclusive…. like unforgettable excursions, fine dining complimentary beverages.Collage Travel Radio may be focused on the travel industry, but it brings you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  Not elevator music…the great music from the 60’s to today’s hits.   The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors and just anyone that loves music and travel … All you got to do is click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.
EP 28  Luxury Expedition Travel
Jul 19 2022
EP 28 Luxury Expedition Travel
When you travel the globe, it opens you mind and heart and gives you a new understanding of people and cultures.  When you explore cultures and traditions you expand your imagination.  You may even start a new tradition of your own.  It also has you dreaming of all the places you may want to go to, and you know something…. We are going to swing that door wide open for you to peak through it……because there is one thing no one can take away from you…your Dreams and we want you to Dream and Dream Big.  that’s what I do …I help make your travel dreams come true.So many of us say I have 10 days’ vacation, so I am going to cram as many places in…in that short time.  If you try to get 6 countries and 12 cities in that short amount of time…yes, you see it…but do you really.  Some of the best things happen when you slow down and enjoy the place you are in.  The food the people the location itself.  I will give you an example.  My husband and I went on a cruise around the British Isle.  We went to England/Southern Ireland/Wales/Northern Ireland and Scotland.  We visited several cities in each area.  However, when we got to Wales, we said. Let’s just walk around soak up the local atmosphere maybe stop in to a pub and grab a pint.  It was one of our best memories.  Because when we stopped in at the pub…the locals heard there were Americans in there…they came in and grabbed a pint and we were all chatting and exchanging stories.  Hurtigruten has 144 expedition cruises. I won’t be able to talk about all 144 but I will be able to give you a nice taste of what you can see and do. Few voyages capture the imagination quite like the Northwest Passage. Spanning almost 1,700 nautical miles from Canada’s Baffin Island in the east, to Alaska’s Beaufort Sea in the west, traversing this isolated and wild sea route is an adventure like no other. It’s only possible to sail the Northwest Passage during the brief summer of just a few weeks when the ice conditions become more favorable. Zee Michaelson Travel Podcast is Sponsored by: Collage Travel Radio may be focused on the travel industry, but it brings you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  Not elevator music…the great music from the 60’s to today’s hits.   The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors and just anyone that loves music and travel … All you got to do is click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.
EP 27 Luxury Travel via Windstar Cruises
Jul 12 2022
EP 27 Luxury Travel via Windstar Cruises
Traveling the globe brings new understandings about people and places.  Different cultures to explore…It opens up your imagination of all the places you’ve dreamt about…and We are going to open up that door for you to peak through it……because there is one thing no one can take away from you… it is okay to Dream and Dream Big.  And that’s what I do …I help make your travel dreams come true.In this wide wonderful world of ours…what do you think about sailing the seven seas on a yacht.  Not just any yacht…a WINDSTAR yacht.  Windstar Yachts offer a relaxed ambiance…. the largest has accommodations only for 342 guests…that’s the largest…. These ships due to their size can take you off the Beaten Path…as you know Jay and I always go Off the Beaten Path.  Because they are smaller you can get into the smaller ports…and hidden harbors…. even gorgeous secluded beaches…. I also say traveling opens your eyes to different Cultures and cuisines…. This is private yacht cruising at its finest.Look where Windstar sails to Asia/Alaska/Australia & New Zealand/Canada and New England/Caribbean/Costa Rica & Panama /Canal/Greece/Italy/Mediterranean /Mexico/Northern Europe/South Pacific/Tahiti and so many more places.Featured product of the Week Smartpack by SKYBORNE.Collage Travel Radio may be focused on the travel industry, but it brings you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  Not elevator music…the great music from the 60’s to today’s hits.   The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors and just anyone that loves music and travel … All you got to do is click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.
EP 26   Luxury Expedition Travel and more
Jul 5 2022
EP 26 Luxury Expedition Travel and more
We are just sailing through these episodes…like that…Sailing through these episodes… We of course are talking TRAVEL!!!!! You know Jay, we started talking about Luxury travel…and Luxury means so many different things to different people…So We are going to take it one step further and talk about Expedition Sailings….Weekly TIP of the Week  So, I am going to talk about packing again.  With travel opening up again all over the world.  Which I love…. I want to talk about your luggage and airlines. So, as you know delays on airlines happen and when this does happen your luggage may not get on board the next plane, your connector.  So, I recommend your carry on contain a few things.  Two days’ worth of under garments and at lease one change of clothing perhaps a p.  of slacks and shirt and some toiletries.  Just in case your suitcase comes a day or two later than your arrival. I always put a bathing suit and flip flops in my carry on during the summer if I am going somewhere warm.  This way if I have to chill before my luggage comes…I can chill out by the pool. Don’t get frustrated or aggravated. It can happen accept it be ready for it and move on.   I also recommend never ever ever put your medications in your stowed luggage.  For the same reason.  If your luggage gets lost or is delayed, you need your daily meds.  Most people think that when they go on an expedition, they are grabbing their machetes and hacking their way through the jungle. Thick with vines and jaguars.  Well, if you want you can do that.  But we are going to stay with our Luxury theme and Expeditions.   Collage Travel Radio is focused on the travel industry, but it brings you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  Not elevator music…the great music from the 60’s to today’s hits.   The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors and just anyone that loves music and travel … All you got to do is click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.Featured product of the Week   seen this the other day.  I was wow…why didn’t I think of this I would have been a millionaire.  Many times, I have walked from one end of the airport to the other to catch my next flight and I always grab my cup of tea and I am balancing my cup and my phone and sometimes another small item.  When I finally get to sit down and wait for my plane now where am I going to put my cup while I am dealing with text messages and the like.  …. I see this simple thing that you can put on your suitcase handle…  It’s called Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder Free Hand Drink Caddy - Holds Two Coffee Mugs - Fits Roll on Suitcase Handles…it’s Amazing such a simple thing.  Again, I have seen it on Amazon…take a look at it for yourself.
EP 24   Dreaming About Travel.  What are your travel dreams?
Jun 21 2022
EP 24 Dreaming About Travel. What are your travel dreams?
Every Dream comes with everyone’s idea of what a dream is.  Is it relaxing beach side with your own butler bringing you your cocktail?  Or is it climbing Mt Everest…. or did you want to go on an African Safari complete with all your glamping needs.  I know what everyone is saying right now.  Sure sure…I would like this that and the other thing but what is it going to cost me.  I battle with this for a very long time.  Hard to make your travel dream come true if you are blinded by dollars signs and you try to nickel and dime yourself.  Consequently, I did some research…and you know what I found out.  Luxury travel is not such a hard to reach dream…and when it comes right down to it you can actually save by looking at a few different things…Like All Inclusive…or Luxury Ships.In my future podcasts I will be doing a deeper dive in which cruise lines and which all-inclusive and I will do some comparisons for you to see…you have your travel dream.So, what you want to do is first look at what Luxury means to you.  My perception of luxury is having everything handed to me when I am traveling.  I don’t want to break my charge card out for anything. So here is what I would like everyone to do today…Make a travel dream list.  Write down everything and anything that you would like to do.  Remember it’s your dream…not ours.  Ask yourselves those questions…Why/Who/What…I don’t want you to say how much yet.  Collage Travel Radio may be focused on the travel industry, but it brings you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  Not elevator music…the great music from the 60’s to today’s hits.   The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors and just anyone that loves music and travel … All you got to do is click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.
EP 23  Pride of America to Hawaii
Jun 14 2022
EP 23 Pride of America to Hawaii
Cruising is my passion and I have something on my bucket list that I must do. I want to visit Hawaii.  I know Hawaii can be pricey and you want to visit more than one island and you don’t want to jump on and off planes to go island hopping…Today we are going to talk about a ship called Pride of America.    It is the Norwegian Cruise lines. You can take in the best of Hilo with a leisurely drive through Hilo Walk of Fame known for those beautiful banyan trees.Or what about the Land of Frozen Fire…you will pass through the lava fields. This is simply remarkable.  Honolulu, Oahu   You will board here…but you will see the Stunning Koolau mountains.  Honolulu is Hawaii’s largest city…but you can still clime to the top of Diamond Head.  Or stroll along Waikiki beach…or if you are into history, you can visit Pearl Harbor and the National Memorial Cemetery…. Kahului, Maui  Hawaii's second most popular island. Explore the fascinating history of the town of Lahaina. Or just go to the pristine beach, or if you are into golf…there are a few of the world’s most beautiful golf courses Kona, Hawaii   Kona offers the quintessential Hawaii experience. Sunny, warm weather and crystal blue waters you can partake in a variety of surfside fun. Snorkel amongst a kaleidoscope of tropical marine life. Take a surfing lesson, a kayaking trip or head out to deeper waters for some deep-sea fishing. Oh yeah   (wait for it) .... Kona Coffee Nawawi, Kauai  Named after the Weiwei trees, which once lined its picturesque harbor, this lovely port of Kauai is your gateway to what many believe to be Hawaii's most beautiful island. On "The Garden Island," nature is truly the star, from the dramatic mountains of Kokee to the cool rainforests of Heena. And the tradition of the luau adds lively entertainment unique to Hawaii.  Promote your business now on Collage Travel Radio… email Zimmermanpromotions@msn.com  and say …I want to advertise on Collage Travel Radio and someone will get back to you and let you know how.  No obligation to find out how…all quotes are free….Follow and like me on Facebook.  Do you have a favorite location…or an interesting travel tip…? let me know at zee@zeemichaelsontravel.com  and you may just hear your name and tip talked about over the air.
EP 22  Why I live to cruise out of California
Jun 7 2022
EP 22 Why I live to cruise out of California
THERE ARE FOUR DIFFERENT CRUISE PORTS IN CALIFORNIA!1.   LONG BEACH2.   LOS ANGELES3.   SAN DIEGO 4.   SANFRANSICOLong Beach: Carnival Miracle, Inspiration and Imagination destinations are Baja Mexico 3 & 4 day, Mexican Caribbean (Cabo) 6 days and Hawaiian Islands 15 days Carnival Cruises, Carnival Miracle Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship 15 Days Hawaii from Los Angeles, CA 15 Days - Starting in Long Beach with stops in Hilo, Kahului, Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Kona, Ensenada Los Angeles: Princess Cruises--Star, Island, Celebrity, Coral, Crown and Sapphire Princesses cruises last 4 days, 15 days Mexico, coastal Santa Barbara, Panama, Hawaii, Osaka Japan, Vancouver BC, Panama, Ft. Lauderdale, Cape Horn, Santiago Chile Seabourn, Seabourn Sojourn world voyages up to 94 days or segments Silversea, Silver Whisper lasts up to 113 nights to China, Barcelona or 20 nights to Auckland, New Zealand Carnival Imagination, Inspiration, Miracle and Legend Baja sampler 4 days, Tahiti & Fiji 23 days Costa Cruises, Costa Deliziosa up to 72 days Celebrity Century to Santa Barbara 8 nights Holland America up to 71 days to Great Barrier Reef Azamara Club Cruises, Azamara Quest to Sea of Cortez, Copper Canyon  San Diego: Holland America up to 45 days to Panama, Incan Empires, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas, Vancouver BC, Coastal Celebrity Cruises - Century, Infinity to Panama Canal Cruise 15 days Royal Caribbean (RCL), RCL Legend of the Seas 15 Night Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise, Fort Lauderdale Disney Wonder 14 day to Vancouver, Port Canaveral Florida, coastal California  San Francisco: Cunard Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria world cruises up to 91 nights Princess Grand, Star Princesses - Panama, Mexico, Coastal California, Hawaii Oceania Cruises, Oceania Regatta 18 days trips goes to Alaska, New York Regent Seven Seas Navigator 31 Nights to Montreal, Vancouver Canada, New York Celebrity Century up to 23 nights to Sydney, Alaska Holland America 17 night Panama Canal Crystal Cruises Serenity 102 nights Grand Pacific Panorama
EP 21   Florida Cruise Ports Are The Best
May 31 2022
EP 21 Florida Cruise Ports Are The Best
Port Canaveral (Orlando region)Let’s start with the home port that is closest to us…. Port Canaveral voted the Best Cruise Homeport in the United States of 2021 and comes out over other nearby Florida ports.  The Florida cruise port is the second busiest in the world, with multi-day embarkations and catering to some of the largest cruise ships from the largest cruise lines in the world. The port has already welcomed the new Terminal 3 to cater to Carnival’s new LNG-powered mega-ships, resulting in increased capacity.  LNG is the Natural Gas type…more echo friendly…Port Tampa BayThere has never been a better time to cruise from Port Tampa Bay. Port Tampa Bay works closely with cruise line partners, service providers and government agencies to establish protocols to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the return of cruising to Tampa. It cannot be denied that Port Tampa Bay is a consistent source of vacation travelers seeking exotic locations. Excellent terminal facilities; close proximity to numerous Caribbean destinations; proximity to one of the country’s top-rated airports; and a host of popular tourist attractions are some of the reasons Port Tampa Bay is a favorite point of departure for cruise vacationers. Not to mention, passengers can also enjoy an exceptional experience on the front or back end of their cruise vacations—with Tampa Bay’s vibrant nightlife, white sand beaches, outdoor activities, museums, restaurants, and proximity to six of the top ten theme parks in the nation, there is no shortage of things to see and do. However, at the moment you will not find the mega ships leaving Tampa.  Due to some of the heights of the ships cannot get in and out of the port due to Tampa Bay bridge.   Port of MiamiKnown as the “Cruise Capital of the World”, Miami cruise port is the largest and busiest in the world and is part of Port Miami’s 518-acre site. It makes sense to know which cruise terminal your cruise will depart from, and what amenities are available.  Port Miami cruise terminals are among the best and most modern in the world. They have to be, as they need to accommodate over 6.8 million cruise passengers and their luggage in a speedy, secure and efficient manner! The port deals with 55 different cruise ships from 22 different cruise lines each year.Every Miami cruise terminal has parking, special facilities for disabled travelers, lounges, check-in desks, security checks, and must be able to deal with thousands of taxis, shuttle buses, and other vehicles delivering excited cruisers to the correct ship.Port Everglades… (Fort Lauderdale)Port Everglades, located in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida, is ranked third among cruise ports worldwide and has more homeported cruise ships than any other port.  And yes, I have sailed out of Fort Lauderdale.  I have to say it was a little easier than Miami. Jaxport in JacksonvilleThe Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) and the Port of Fernandina, the area’s two deep-water ports, continue to set records with recent highlights and activity to remain globally competitive. Even though you can catch a cruise ship from here.  JAXPORT is Florida’s No. 1 container port complex by volume, offering worldwide cargo service aboard the world’s major shipping alliances with direct service to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and other key markets.  Port of Palm Beach.  Now I have to say I have not heard of this Port
EP 20   California National Parks come visit
May 24 2022
EP 20 California National Parks come visit
A Popular Spot is Death Valley National Park…. Yes, I have been there it is the largest, lowest, hottest, and driest national park in the contiguous United States. Believe it or not even though it can get very hot in the summer and pretty cold at night in the winter…This place is full of life.  Fabulous views from the mountain peaks and even in the desert basins…. There are places where you can discover old gold mines or during the spring some of the wildflowers can come alive….it truly is amazing…but know this if you decide to hike…make sure you take along plenty of water.Golden Gate Bridge…there is a great park…. now this is in Northern California.  If you are traveling to San Francisco…there is a recreation area teeming with outdoor recreation opportunities. While enjoying the great outdoors, you can also learn about California’s Indigenous cultures and their histories here. The park also includes Alcatraz Island, the famous prison off the coast of San Francisco. If you have a dog (or dogs), this is also known as one of the most dog-friendly national parks. Finally, it’s also the most visited national park unit in the country and of all the national parks in California.Joshua Tree National Park is best known for its ancient, scraggly trees and world-class bouldering and rock climbing. Additionally, the park offers incredible hikes across desert landscapes, insanely beautiful night skies, and rich history. Unless you grew up in this area, chances are you’ve never seen anything like this place. Discover the unique ecosystem and environment by hiking, taking short strolls, or enjoying a few scenic drives.  I lived in this part of the desert.  Those Joshua Trees look crazy…and are very sharp…. but going there you think you are on another planet….Point Reyes is a great place to visit in California and a good way to discover the Pacific Ocean’s marine life. See the giant Elephant seals how they live right there on the beaches. You can even whale watch as they migrate north or south.  You can also visit the lighthouse of take a little boat ride…. Oh yeah…this is north of San Francisco.  Everyone has heard of this one…Redwood National Park it is home to some of the world’s tallest trees.  This was one place I never got to when I lived in California…. I still want to visit…the Redwood trees are ginormous.  Whiskeytown National recreational Area…preserves incredible recreational opportunities in northern California. The lakes are crystal clear and of course they are surrounded by mountain peaks.  There are miles of hiking trails…that you can see many waterfalls and of course…California…you can learn more about the Gold Rush.  There are so many National Parks…I can’t go over them all.  Just say these words when going to California…. ROAD TRIP!!!! From Southern California down by San Diego to North up past San Francisco…and everything in between. California National Parks will not disappoint…so here is my last one for todayOne of the most famous and popular national parks in California and the country, Yosemite is considered one of the crown jewels of the U.S. National Park Service. Millions of visitors flock here every year to take in the vistas and hike to remote wilderness areas. Yosemite has everything…Backpacking, biking, birding, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, ranger programs, rock climbing, scenic drives, water activities, wint
EP 19  Jay Loves Lincoln's Home
May 17 2022
EP 19 Jay Loves Lincoln's Home
Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail…well Illinois is just one of many of the states the traveled through…The Trail is approximately 4,900 miles long, extending from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the mouth of the Columbia River, near present day Astoria, Oregon.  It follows the historic outbound and inbound routes of the Lewis and Clark Expedition as well as the preparatory section from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Wood River, Illinois.  I know I was on it in South Dakota.  Just knowing that back in the day they traveled this journey…it’s amazing. Did you go to this park Jay….???Lincoln Home National Historic Site…our 16th PresidentThis site offers guided tours of the Lincoln Home, giving visitors a look into the Lincoln family during the seventeen years they lived in the house on the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets. Visitors will get a glimpse into Lincoln’s life as a family man, as well as explore his rise as a successful lawyer and politician through the context of the Lincoln Home….Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail… Explore the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail across five states to see the 1,300-mile route traveled by Mormons who fled Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Great Salt Lake Valley in 1846-1847. Some brief history… Mormons settled along a bend of the Mississippi River in Illinois. There they established a community they called Nauvoo, a Hebrew word meaning “beautiful place.” It was at Nauvoo that Smith cautiously began introducing the Old Testament practice of “plural marriage,” or polygamy, among select church leaders.Thousands of converts flocked to Nauvoo, soon making it the largest town in Illinois. Neighbors initially welcomed the orderly, industrious settlers despite their religious differences. But relations gradually soured, with complaints centering on Mormons’ Pullman National Monument Pullman National Monument was designated by President Barack Obama on February 19, 2015, making it the first National Park Service unit in Chicago. The park tells the story of one of the first planned industrial communities in the United States, the sleeping car magnate who helped create it, and the workers who lived there. The district is significant for its influence on urban planning and design, as well as its role in American labor history, including the 1894 Pullman Strike and Boycott.  Located in what is now the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, the historic district includes the site of the former Pullman Palace Car Works shops and administration building, the Hotel Florence (named after George Pullman's eldest child), Arcade Park. and the Greenstone Church (currently the Greenstone United Methodist Church). Also within the district is the A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum, named for the prominent leader A. Philip Randolph, which recognizes and explores African American labor historyTrail Of Tears National Historic Trail Remember and commemorate the survival of the Cherokee people, forcefully removed from their homelands in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee to live in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. They traveled by foot, horse, wagon, or steamboat in 1838-1839.
EP 18  National Parks 5  New York
May 10 2022
EP 18 National Parks 5 New York
Hi and welcome to Zee Michaelson Travel podcast…. I’m Zee Michaelson along with my sidekick and producer Jay Lawrence. Hey Jay…We are just rolling right along with our Zee Michaelson Travel podcast, and we are now on Episode 18….   Zee Michaelson Travel Podcast is Sponsored by:   Collage Travel Radio/Collage Travel Radio is focused on the travel industry and bring you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors … Just click and listen to Collage Travel RadioWeekly Tip: ADVANCED TICKETS FOR TOURIST LOCATIONSWe all try to fit in as much fun into our vacations as humanly possible.  So, you don’t want to wait in line all day at some of your top tourist picks.  In Europe…places like the Eiffel Tower or the Vatican Museum.  Even here in the U.S. we have places that you would want to get advanced tickets that guarantee admission at a certain time or day.  Many of these have mobile ticketing so you can have everything right on your mobile device. Some of these tickets also may have some other spiffs with it.  Like a tour around the city on city transportation.  Do a little homework and you won’t have to be waiting in long lines.  Or call your Travel Advisor and they can do all this homework for you and get your ready for your trip. Topic of the Week…. National Parks…. which while we are recording this segment, we are right in the middle of National Parks Week April 16 to April 24…. So…. New York has 24 national parks Everything from to splendid natural spots like the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and Fire Island National Seashore, to famous historic monuments.African Burial Ground…it is A Sacred Space right in the heart of ManhattanI was always running around Manhattan but never knew about this.  Could be because the excavation started in 1991 and I had already moved out of the state and like many other historical excavations it started as a building site when they came across this.  The location is at 290 Broadway….African Burial Ground is the oldest and largest known excavated burial ground in North America for both free and enslaved Africans. It protects the historic role slavery played in building New York archeological research excavation found intact human skeletal remains located 30 feet below the city’s street level on Broadway. During survey work, the largest and most important archeological discovery was made unearthing the "Negroes Burial Ground"- a 6-acre burial ground holding upwards of 15,000 intact skeletal remains of enslaved and free Africans who lived and worked in colonial New York. The burial ground’s rediscovery altered the understanding surrounding enslavement and its contribution to constructing New York City. The Burial Ground dates from the middle 1630s to 1795. Currently, the burial ground is the nation’s earliest and largest African burial ground rediscovered in the United States. Ellis Island…. many of us probably had ancestors come thru here.  12 million immigrants passed through this now empty and quiet building from 1892 to 1954. When people arrived at Ellis Island, they felt that their American Dream was coming true.  You can visit Ellis Island and hear their stories and see pictures of what it looked like back then. Now part of Ellis Island is the InfamousSTATUE OF LIBERTYThe Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. It was designated as a National Monument in 1924. Emplo
EP 17  Georgia Is On My Mind
May 3 2022
EP 17 Georgia Is On My Mind
Our neighbor the Peach State … Georgia National Parks Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area(there is a song Way down south on the Chattahoochee)Metro Atlanta’s playground…     48 miles of river Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park East of Downtown Atlanta  in the city’s Sweet Auburn historic District.Birthplace of the Civil rights champion.historic Ebenezer Baptist Church,    and MLK’s final resting place at the King Center Fort Frederica National MonumentWandering around offers both a step back to the very beginnings of Georgia's colonial history  this area magical — the river, the marsh, the tides, the uncompromising beauty of St. Simons Island.    While the fort played a pivotal role in Georgia's history — the 1742 victory of its British troops over Spanish soldiers ensured her future as a British colony — what remains is largely underground.   … track down a ranger to get a real appreciation of the garrison and a sense of what makes this site special. Collage Travel Radio is focused on the travel industry and bring you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors … Just click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.Follow and like me on facebook.    Do you have a favorite location…or an interesting travel tip…. let me know at zee@zeemichaelsontravel.com and you may just hear your name and tip talked about over the air.
EP 16   National Parks - Hawaii
Apr 26 2022
EP 16 National Parks - Hawaii
On the Island of Maui there are few National Parks, but I will only talk about three.  Haleakala National Park is on the Hawaii island of Maui.  10,023-foot dormant volcano offers spectacular sunrise views & glimpses of local endangered birds. Hawaiian Geese to be precise.  The Leleiwi and Kalahaku overlooks on the steep crater road…to views are breath taking of the Mountains.  There are rugged trails in the Summit.  The coastal area of Kipahulu are the Pools of Ohe’o, freshwater pools are waterfalls are among the bamboo forest. Iao Valley State Monument This park will be great for those who like to hike.  There is a lush 4,000 acre valley offering hiking and sightseeing.  They even have a nature center and views of the Iao Needle. Waiʻānapanapa State Park I know that I probably mutilated that name.  This state park is a 122 acres in Hana on Maui.  You have heard of the black sand beaches…well this is the place.  You do need to make reservations if you are not a resident of Hawaii.  Some of the trails can be a bit rocky…but the views are unbelievable.On  the Big Island of Hawaii Hawaii Volcanoes National Park When you think of Hawaii you think Volcanoes.  This National Park is on the Big Island and at its heart are the two most well-known volcanoes.  Kilauea and Mauna Loa both are active.  Kind of scary.  Now at the Crater Rim Drive passes steam vents and the Jaggar Museum features volcanology…. There are trails and the crisscross the park….Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park  is a United States National Park located in the Kona District on the Big island of Hawaii in the U.S. state of Hawaii? It includes the National Historic Landmarked archaeological site known as the Honokōhau Settlement Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park  Archaeological park featuring burial grounds offers self-guided tours of reconstructed villages.One more of the Islands I will chat about and that’s Oahu  and Diamond Head State Monument I don’t know if anybody that hasn’t at least heard of Diamond Head.  This is situated on the Island of Oahu…A trail leads visitors to the summit of this volcanic tuff cone & former fort with panoramic views.  Diamond Head State Monument over 475 acres, This broad, saucer-shaped crater was formed about 300,000 years ago during a single, explosive eruption that sent ash and fine particles in the air. So much traveling to do and so little time…so stay tuned to the end to find out what we will be talking about next week.  By the way have you been listening to Jay and myself on Collage Travel Radio. Want to promote your business on Collage Travel Radio…contact Belinda Zimmerman at email Zimmermanpromotions@msn.com
EP 15   National Parks Part 2  Hello Alaska
Apr 19 2022
EP 15 National Parks Part 2 Hello Alaska
I travel from here to there and I am still traveling and discovering what this great wide world has to offer.  Travel is an exciting adventure of new discoveries and History.  I love to be your typical tourist.  I even love being a tourist in right here in the U.S.  So last week we started talking about all the National Parks we have right here in the United States. With Summer right around the corner and kids getting out of school for summer vacation why not pack the family up and head out to some of these wonderful National Parks.  We should Re-Discover America the greatness and splendor of the different States. Zee Michaelson Travel Podcast is Sponsored by:   Collage Travel Radio/Collage Travel Radio is focused on the travel industry and bring you great light and bright music streaming on the internet 24/7 and is absolutely free.  The station is for the independent traveler and for travel advisors … Just click and listen to Collage Travel Radio.When you think of Alaska, the first thing that comes to mind of course is Denali…. Denali National Park and Preserve is one of the most iconic national park in Alaska….it is home to North America’s tallest Peak…Get this…. its 20,310 feet!   WOW!!!!!  Not only that…but this vast wilderness covers 6 million acres.   There is so much wildlife in the area… yes… bears... moose… and more.  The landscape of Denali ranges from lush forests to harsh alpine tundra…. You can mountain climb and do mountaineering.  Camping can be done in the Winter and Summer…. If you are in to photography, you can get unbelievable wildlife pictures.  Winter fun abounds with Mushing and snowmobiling.  Featured product of the Week— So we have been talking a lot about hiking and backpacking so I took a look at some backpacks and found this… Teton Sports Explorer Internal Frame Backpack good for backpacking, hiking and camping. VERSATILE QUICK TRIP PACK: Perfect backpack for men, women and youth COMFORT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE: Multi-position torso adjustment fits wide range of body sizes; Durable open-cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels provide.One thing is for sure the Alaska Adventure will be something you will never forget, and it is definitely an adventure.