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Audio Experience 01: Exploring The Poetic Magic of India
Mar 8 2021
Audio Experience 01: Exploring The Poetic Magic of India
Welcome to our very first audio experience. We're your hosts, Jag Sandhu & Arjun Singh. Over the next few episodes, we're going to show you the world. Our journey begins in India, where we analyze and appreciate various creative works of influential Indian poets, St. Kabir Das & Mirza Ghalib. As these two poets belonged to two different eras, our conversation aims to highlight the context in which they composed their works. Moreover, we also share some of our favorite poetry written by them in this episode. Moreover, the International Connection is all about inspiring you guys with someone else’s creativity. So, through this episode, we’ve decided to amplify this message even more. As a result, we’ve created this platform, which is sort of like an open mic, where all these Indian independent poets can perform their craft and can showcase their creativity. So, over the past few weeks, we’ve been connecting with Indian creators of all ages with the intent of hearing their poems. And, we were blown away by the amazing talent these people carry within. Moreover, they were not afraid of reciting their poems out loud on a public platform like this. See, one might not associate things like “poetry” or “creative writing” with India’s current setting. But, I guess it’s time for us to take this opportunity and show the world the raw talent this country has to offer. This "documentary-style" approach highlights our unique creativity when it comes to podcasting. So, for an optimal experience, we recommend that you put on your headphones and close your eyes. Find more info here