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It’s time for grief to come out of the basement, or wherever we have stuffed it to avoid talking about it. When you suffer a loss you need support, comfort, and a safe place to heal. What you are experiencing is painful but normal, unique but similar, surreal but very, very real. As grief advocates we understand and want to provide support, knowledge and comfort as you continue to live and grieve. Host, Kathy Gleason; Producer, Stephanie Kendrick. www.asiliveandgrieve.com

Grief and Self-Care, with Alexandra Maas
Summary:Listen in as we speak with Alexandra Maas, from the Netherlands, about the importance of self-care while grieving.Notes:Alexandra Maas, lives with her son, 2 cats, 2 dogs in a quaint little city in the north of the Netherlands. Besides her passion for her work she has love for creating in cooking, writing and textile designs. After a career of almost 17 years as a Union board member and policy worker for Police, Military Personnel and Construction Workers she started her own counseling practice in 2005. Alexandra is one of the very few counselors in the world who specialised in Masculine Grief - the Grief of Men. In her work, the story of the client is leading. All grief support is highly individually customised as all grief journeys are unique. She combines warm, comforting presence with deep wisdom, a love for stories and humor. Her greatest passion is to find the jewels in your grief, and hand them back to you as healing tokens on your lifes' journey. Alexandra works with the 6 months grief mentoring program "Good Mourning" and with VIP (very intensive program) days on Creating your own Grief Self Care Plan.If you are interested in Self Care in Grief and you would like to have a little taste of working with Alexandra, you are most welcome to subscribe to her "7 days of SelfCare in Grief". You can do so by writing an email to Alexandra@alexandramaas.com, with the subject text "7 days". You will receive 7 consecutive days of information on grief, tips on how to work your way through your grief, journaling prompts and pages, and other bonus material. Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve Contact Alexandra:Facebook:  Cuppa Grief, Alexandra MaasEmail:  Alexandra@alexandramaas.com Subscribe to her "7 days of SelfCare in Grief" by sending an email to Alexandra@alexandramaas.com, with the subject text "7 days". You will receive 7 consecutive days of information on grief, tips on how to work your way through your grief, journaling prompts and pages, and other bonus material.Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
3d ago
35 mins
Grief Camp for Kids-Camp Heartstrings/Camp DreamsJournal to Overcome Grief, with Latisha Porter
Summary:Journaling is one of the top three recommendations offered by bereavement specialists and therapists alike. Join us today as we chat with Latisha Porter about her book, Journal to Overcome Grief. In a format that combines inspiration and truth with prompts to help those grieving put thoughts and emotions on paper, Latisha's contribution of a resource is a welcome addition to the griever's collection.Notes:Latisha Porter is the proud author of Journal To Overcome Grief, A Personal Journey to Healing. A professional by day, writer by night, and an advocate for inspiring others to overcome life’s obstacles. Since the loss of her mom, Latisha has strived to use her positive and uplifting blogging platform to not only encourage herself while grieving, but to encourage others who may be going through some of the same experiences. Her inspiring words offer hope to those who have lost their voice, courage, and strength. Allow yourself to journal to overcome grief so you can move forward and trust your journey one journal entry at a time.   Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve Contact Latisha: Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/latishaporterWebsite: https://renewinspiration.comFacebook: https://fb.me/LatishaPorter2021Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/grieftohealingFREE Grief Affirmations Guide: https://renewinspiration.com/grief-affirmations/Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
May 10 2022
29 mins
Crystals May Help Grief Symptoms, with Elyse Falzone
Summary:When the symptoms of grief hit us, we would do most anything for relief. This week we are exploring the use of crystals for healing these adverse side effects of loss -- anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, etc. Listen in as Elyse shares her simple method for exploring healing crystals and check below for her very generous offer!Notes:Elyse Falzone is an Intuitive Healer and Energy Alchemist for CEO's & Spiritual newbies alike. She supports her community to create intimate relationships with their Intuition, activate their unique DNA and awaken their Divine spiritual gifts. She connects with her clients  through immersive & interactive experiences, guiding and holding space for them to let go,  open and expand...allowing them to honor their inner voice and live out their souls’ expression every day. In addition, she is the creator and facilitator of the Certified Healers Course, Co-Founder of Awake & Soulful Podcast & Retreats and is sought out as a master energy healer and guest expert for retreats, workshops and stages around the world. SPECIAL: If you want to learn more about crystals, Elyse is offering a 50% discount for her  All About Crystals (Healing and Chakra) Course. Enter PODCAST50 as you  register  at  https://www.elysefalzone.com/crystalscourse.Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To Reach Elyse: Website: www.elysefalzone.com Instagram: _awakenyoursoulFacebook Group: Soul Sisters & Misters Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
May 3 2022
32 mins
Grief Rants, Raves and Random, with John Polo
Summary:John Polo has captured thoughts in his book, Widowed. Rants, Raves and Random, that most of us feel but are reluctant to utter except when completely alone. This is an episode not to miss -- and a book that is a must for everyone grieving.Notes:John Polo is a coach, author and speaker. In January of 2016, John lost his wife, Michelle, to cancer. From the rubble of everything that he once knew, consumed by desperation and despair, John held on long enough until he found his hope. And he slowly rebuilt. Today John helps others through his social media, books, coaching, workshops, speeches and podcasts. From grief to dating, self-growth and everything in between, John offers a style of coaching that is not only effective, but also very personal and unique.  John is the author of three books, host of two podcasts and has worked with clients on thousands of coaching sessions. He has been featured on People.com, NBC, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Fox and more. “I have been broken so many times in my life, and yet here I am even after thinking that I could never go on. It is possible to rebuild. Yourself, and your life. My goal is to help people through their pain and struggles, so that they can create - and enjoy - a better tomorrow.” Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To Reach John: Email:  john@johpolocoaching.comWebsite:  johnpolocoaching.com Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Apr 26 2022
29 mins
Sibling Grief in Early Childhood, with Michele BenyoGrief and Intuition, with Ada May BrownNitty Gritty Grief, with Marj Smith
Summary Notes:After calling hours are over and those priority tasks are completed, a series of choices arise:  should I remove my wedding band? will people tell me to think about dating? will I still be able to see my step-grandchildren? We call these the nitty gritty parts of grief -- the inevitable choices that keep bringing the reality of your loss into your daily life. Sometimes our heads spin with doubt, uncertainty, panic. Listen in today as we chat about these choices and others, and offer our thoughts on how you might deal with them.Episode Notes:Marj graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and returned to Roberts to complete her Masters of Social Work.  While working in mental health as a therapist, she experienced Hospice as a family member when her father died with Hospice support.  This experience fueled her desire to work with the dying.  She transitioned to Hospice Social Work in 2010, where her role concentrated on supporting terminally ill patients as they navigated the last stage of their lives.  She was drawn to Hospice because of the focus on dignity and comfort of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.  In 2019, she accepted the position of Executive Director of Aurora House Comfort Care Home in Spencerport, NY, a two-bed Hospice House.  More recently Marj has been working with the Medicare population for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. In her spare time, Marj also officiates wedding ceremonies as an ordained Minister.Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.com info@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Apr 5 2022
35 mins
First Year of Grief Club, with Addison Brasil
Summary:"Just to the left of death," are the words used by Addison Brasil to describe his experience with grief. Join us today as we discuss this concept, along with his new book, First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From From A Friend Who Gets It .Bio:Addison Brasil had no intention of becoming a disruptor in the mental health and grief space. While pursuing his dream of creating stories that connect people, events in his life forced Addison to focus his full attention on surviving trauma, compounded grief, and the various outcomes of finding himself as an LGTBQ-identifying male.Addison co-founded and served as Head of Brand Impact for tethr, a worldwide men’s mental health and well-being platform focused on the power of peer support. His advocacy efforts and promotion of mental health and grief action has garnered global media acknowledgement in the New York Times and The Washington Post, and on Healthline, TMZ, and Fox News. Addison is currently writing a memoir and speaking about grief.Addison is Co-Producer and Executive Producer of the award-winning short film The Great Artist starring Matthew Postlethwaite, Emmy Nominee Rain Valdez, Benjamin Patterson, and Marimar Vega. Directed by Cannes Gold Lion Winner Indrani, the film will screen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022.Addison is regularly invited as a speaker at events and as a guest for podcasts worldwide to share his story as a lived experience expert. Addison’s written work as a contributor have been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, Never Alone Blog, Chip Conley’s Wisdom Well, Daddy’s Digest and more.Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To Reach Addison:@addisonbrasil / @sharemygriefclub on instagram@thegriefguy on tiktokhttps://www.facebook.com/officialaddisonbrasilwww.mygriefclub.comwww.addisonbrasil.comFree messages to help you honour the journey: TEXT GRIEF CLUB to +1 (323) 431-9241Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Mar 29 2022
34 mins
STUGs and Your Grief JourneyGrief - From Pain to Growth, with Edy NathanMake Lasting Memories in Your GriefThe Dreaded Tasks of Grief
Mar 1 2022
31 mins
Your Brain on Grief, with Dr. Mary Frances O'Connor
Feb 22 2022
29 mins
Grief is a Wilderness, with Dawn MurphyThe Harsh Reality of Grief, with Chelsea OhlemillerSBNR Perspective and Grief, With Dr. Terri Daniel
SUMMARY:Dr. Terri Daniel returns to share more information on how religion and spirituality differ, and delves into the perspective of Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR), the adoption of which has increased significantly in our population.EPISODE NOTES:Dr. Terri Daniel is an interfaith  hospice chaplain, end-of-life educator, and grief counselor certified in death, dying and bereavement by the Association of Death Education and Counseling and in trauma support by the International Association of Trauma Professionals.  She conducts workshops throughout the U.S. and teaches at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Terri  is also the founder of The Conference on Death, Grief and Belief and the Ask Doctor Death podcast. She is also the author of four books on death, grief and beyond.Over the years Terri has helped hundreds of people learn to live, die and grieve more consciously. Her work is  acclaimed  by hospice professionals, spiritual seekers, therapists theologians, and academics worldwide. Terri has a BA in Religious Studies from Maryhurst University, an MA in Pastoral Care from Fordham University, and a Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Contact: www.asiliveandgrieve.cominfo@asiliveandgrieve.com Facebook:  As I Live and Grieve Instagram:  @asiliveandgrieve To Reach Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP: Website:  www.deathgriefandbelief.com Email:   office@deathgriefandbelief.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3555532207881486 Credits: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Feb 1 2022
36 mins
RetrospectiveGrief in a World Gone Mad, with Gary RoeMore About Grief, Ghosts and Spirits, with Ada May Brown