The Boss Hog of Liberty

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis discuss the happenings of their rural Indiana county week to week. The Boss Hog of Liberty is a local show with a national impact because everyone in the world lives in a county similar to theirs. The crew details their lives and gives interview opportunities to the world's top experts in politics, policy, economics, and anything else they find interesting! Listen today, and support the show on Patreon at patreon.com/bosshogofliberty Part of the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network.

254: Tom Saunders visits one last time as a State Representative253: Joey Mulinaro in the house / Indy 500 & Kentucky Derby252: Primary Results & Bash Crider talks Millennial Estate Planning & Crypto251: Bobbi Plummer & Josh Gillmore / Candidate Series Wraps Up250: Campaign Finance Reports; Student Loans are almost due!249: The GOP Sheriffs Candidates join us!248: Recorder Candidates; Saunders & Loveless; Expo & Sports Park Getting funded?247: Joe Wiley & Joey Cooper / County Commissioner Candidates246: Prosecutor Candidates; Saunders & Mahoney245: Candidate Series 2: State Rep 54; Gayla Taylor & Betsy Mills244: Nansi Custer for State Rep; The Candidate Series begins.243: WAL Network Mashup; Chris Spangle and Brian Nichols; Food & Beverage Update; Gas Prices242: Senate Debate! William Henry and James Sceniak241: Super Bowl Review; Does New Castle get a Sports Park?240: Snowmageddon? Can you trust the weatherman? Meet Brian Nichols!239: Z.B. Lee tells us how he wrote a book! Creativity to getting Published238: Primary Filings are Filling Ballots; What goes in the time capsule?237: Statehouse Headlines; Ax Throwing; Oldest Worker Dies; Don't Look Up Movie Review236: Greensburg Wants You: Jeff Watterson's 80 mile winter race.235: LGB is a Meme CryptoSponsor; 'Rona Tests are Scarce; Used Cars are worth a Fortune