Talk With History

Walk with History

A closer look at how the past continues to impact today. TWH was born from a desire to dive deeper in to the historical events that continue to impact our lives every day...without many even realizing it. Many episodes start from where we have walked in our YouTube journey and include details that may not have made the editor's cut!
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What is the Talk With History podcast?
Surprising History You Discover at a Cemetery - Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, OhioHistory and Rock and Roll: visiting Bret Michaels' HometownThe Lincoln Assassination Facts You Never KnewNight of the Living Dead - Visiting and Filming the Cemetery Where it All HappenedThe most famous person you have never heard of - Dan RiceLucille Ball - Her life, hometown, and the museum everyone should visitJimmy Stewart - Visiting his hometown and the Jimmy Stewart MuseumBob Hope - Married to two women at the same time...and our Family tiesHow should controversial historical figures be taught?A History Based YouTube Journey  and Introduction to Talk With HistoryWhat is the Talk With History podcast?