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Season 2 of The Resistbot Podcast, hosted by Melanie Dione, features a different interview every week with an organizer working to create change in their community. We aim to elevate voices without a large platform, focusing on their stories. Our pod is brought to you by the same volunteers behind the Resistbot ( chatbot that's driven over 30 million pieces of correspondence to elected officials since 2017. If you haven't given it a try, pull out your phone and text the word "resist" to the number 50409 to get started. You can text officials from your Mayor to the President, check your voter registration, start your own campaigns, and much more! read less

Our Editor's Take

The Resistbot non-profit platform shrinks the distance between voters and lawmakers. And The Resistbot Podcast defines how, why, and who the progressive service helps.

Scot Mactaggart hosts the first season. Melanie Dione hosts season two. She is a writer and event organizer in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was integral to the Improve SSI in Recovery Bill petition. Panelists and guests join the respective hosts in important conversations. The Resistbot Podcast's grassroots team discusses recent political events, social challenges, and more. Each episode centers around human rights.

Guests on The Resistbot Podcast are often community organizers. They add their personal stories to the petitions on the table. Those stories and others like them galvanize action. In one episode, Christine Lu shares her immigration experience. She adds details about the powers of an overbearing government. In the episode "Calls to Action," Susan Sutz explains reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade. She is a policy researcher, activist, petition writer, and Resistbot content writer. The episode also gives tips for listeners to take their own actions.

The Resistbot Podcast talks are casual and created to educate the audience. All episodes provide links to supporting materials for subjects discussed on air. Each perspective is unique and humanizes media talking points.

Contributors heard on The Resistbot Podcast want to inspire change. Listeners looking for some understanding and motivation will enjoy this podcast. Listeners can learn how to be allies to people in need.

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Calls to Action
May 8 2022
Calls to Action
✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 28, where we discuss the fallout from the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion over the ongoing fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice. Listen along with our amazing guests Helmi Henkin, the abortion fund link fairy, and Robin Wilson-Beattie, a disability, sexual health, and reproductive educator. This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!Chapters(0:00) Intro(0:51) Melanie Introduces the Show(3:36) Conversation with Susan Stutz(5:16) The Draft(13:12) Lousiana Bill(19:18) Interview with Helmi Henkin and Robin Wilson-Beattie(20:56) Robin's upbringing and how she got started in her activism(24:23) How abortions differ for those with disabilities(30:59) How Helmi started her activism(33:09) How abortion bans have made Helmi's work harder(36:10) What abortions looked like for slaves and what we can learn from it(38:46) A message to liberals(45:04) Where to find Robin(45:47) How Helmi Got Her Nickname: The Abortion Fund Link Fairy(48:03) Abortion Funds Document List and Petitions(53:57) Where to find Helmi(55:29) Monthly Donors(56:52) ClosingsMentioned on the AirCodify Roe v. WadeCodify Roe v. Wade and expand SCOTUS nowDay One of Writing Until Abortion is Protected by LawSusan’s Article: They belong to usRobin’s Herbalist GuideHelmi’s abortion fund websiteThis Week's PanelMelanieSusanHelmi HenkinRobin Wilson-BeattieEpisode edited by Angel Barrera. If you need a show edited, you can find her on Twitter here! ★ Support this podcast ★
Erase Student Loan Debt
Mar 21 2022
Erase Student Loan Debt
✊🤖 Welcome to episode 22, where we discuss the weight of student loan debts and how they affect marginalized groups and the youth in our country. Listen along as we have an open and relatable conversation with our panelists about student loans and tuition evolution over the decades and personal experiences surrounding them. This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!Related PetitionsContinue Student Loan Repayment Freeze and Cancel Student DebtCancel 50k in Student Loan DebtPOTUS: Extend the Pause on Student Loan DebtPOTUS: Cancel Student Loan Debt NowPOTUS: Cancel 50k in Student Loan Debt NowCancel Student Loan DebtOr, write your own: text FEDERAL to 50409Mentioned on the Air The Crushing Weight Of The Mortar Board by Susan StutzPOTUS: Use Executive Orders to Close the "Boyfriend Loophole"Go Deeper on the IssueHere are the benefits of erasing $1.6 trillion, no strings attached.The jury's still out on that $1.6 trillion in student loan debtWhitehouse Introduces Bills to Grant Student Loan Forgiveness to Frontline Health Workers and TeachersDems fret Biden's inaction on student debt will burn in midtermsMore than 60% of voters support some student loan debt forgivenessStudent Loan Debt is a Gender IssueDeeper in Debt: Women & Student LoansThis Week’s PanelMelanieAthenaSusanChristineChapters0:00 Intro0:56 Melanie Introduces the Show2:05 Introducing the Panel2:07 Athena Fulay2:45 Susan Stutz3:05 Christine Lu4:36 Student Loan Debt Over The Years7:25 Student Loan Debt and Women10:08 Tuition: Past vs. Present18:37 Student Loan Forgiveness21:28 Pell Grants25:27 Petitions and Student Loans30:15 Eyes on This! Panelist’s Petitions37:42 Panelists Closings40:11 Monthly Donors40:28 ClosingsEpisode edited by Angel Barrera. You can find her on Twitter here if you need a show edited! ★ Support this podcast ★
Protect Trans People
Mar 14 2022
Protect Trans People
✊🤖 Welcome to Episode 21, where we have a critical conversation with our panel about the current threats and hardships trans people face in our country. Learn more about the dangers to our trans youth, listen to personal experiences, and learn how to support our trans neighbors. Resistbot encourages you to research what's happening in your state capitol on this and any other issue. Use your voice, or others will speak for you! This podcast is broadcast live every Sunday on Youtube; please subscribe!In the NewsTransgender girls and women are now barred from female sports in IowaIdaho lawmakers seek to punish parents who take trans youth to other states for health careTransgender Texas kids are terrified after governor orders that parents be investigated for child abuse13 trans models strut against Arkansas' anti-trans lawsFlorida House passes 'Don't Say Gay' billMore than 150 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced so far this yearHow You Can HelpTo Write Love on Her ArmsFreedom for All AmericansEquitable Giving CircleAnti-LGBTQ Legislative TrackerRelated PetitionsProtect Texas Youth: Denounce Abbott's DirectiveProtect Texan Families, Children, and Medical ProfessionalsProtect Trans Childrenor write your own, text STATE to 50409This Week's PanelMelanieSusanJasonDiondra ElanAndrea SegoviaLauren RouseBianca MackChapters0:00 Intro0:52 Melanie Introduces the show2:42 Introducing the Panel2:48 Susan Stutz3:31 Jason Putorti4:29 Diondra Elan 5:13 Lauren Rouse 6:14 Bianca Mack 16:37 Interview with Andrea Segovia from TENT30:44 Where to Find and Support TENT43:23 Petitions46:18 Panelist Closings46:39 Where to Find Lauren Rouse47:22 Where to Find Bianca Mack49:22 Where to Find Diondra Elan52:12 Donor Appreciation52:59 ClosingsEpisode edited by Angel Barrera. You can find her on Twitter here if you need a show edited! ★ Support this podcast ★