Solutions and Strategies with Dr Sean: Living the Challenge

Dr. Sean Surfas, Ph.d, BCBA, LEP

Our program promotes a solution-based problem solving focus for individuals with disabilities, Parents, family members and professionals living or assisting individuals with exceptional needs. Individuals and families can become stronger together. You’ll feel a validation of the problems, find commonality and universalization with others that have the same challenges and questions and together we’ll find solutions. Topics discussed will include Parenting, School Issues, working with individuals on the Autism spectrum and those with Asperger’s Syndrome. We’ll discuss sibling concerns, challenges in home and school, professional responsibilities to the world of exceptional needs, academic difficulties and solutions for students and we’ll hear from parents, teachers and individuals with exceptional needs, Autism Spectrum Disorders or other developmental disabilities. Tune in to Solutions and Strategies with Dr. Sean, Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness.
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Stress and Special Education
Jun 10 2021
55 mins
Stress and Special EducationEncore: Mindfulness and Meditation with your childrenEncore: Parenting in fear in the time of COVID-19Optimism in 2021Jeannine TopalianCASP President A discussion of School PsychologyDiagnoses and Intervention: Are they always compatibleContinue discussion of racism and discrimination in the history of special educationA Continued Discussion of Racism and Discrimination in Special EducationHistory of Exceptional Individuals and DiscriminationParenting in the era of COVID-19 with Lindsey GrizzleParenting in fear in the time of COVID-19Continued Discussion on Psychological FlexibilityA Discussion with Gayle Nobel Space of LoveConversations about Mindfulness and ACT. Part 4Encore: Conversations in applied behavior analysis and mindfulnessMindfulness and applied behavior analysis  part 3Conversation in Mindfulness and Applied Behavior Analysis Part 2Encore: Conversations in applied behavior analysis and mindfulnessEncore: Conversations in applied behavior analysis and mindfulnessConversations in applied behavior analysis and mindfulness