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Episode 83; Getting Back to Vegas & Getting to know Las Vegas Vlogger & YouTubeโ€˜s  @SayHiToMatthew  Matthew Natev ๐Ÿ‘
Sep 4 2021
Episode 83; Getting Back to Vegas & Getting to know Las Vegas Vlogger & YouTubeโ€˜s @SayHiToMatthew Matthew Natev ๐Ÿ‘
Welcome back folks, Today we sit down & Chat with Matthew from the  @SayHiToMatthew YouTube Channel, But he threw a curve ball my way after telling him about trying to do video Interviews & Volunteering to be the very 1st Video Interviews done on The Podcasts YT Channel. I also have to mention that he was very nervous to the show, Let's just say afterwards we he's ready to come back & Do the show again ๐Ÿ‘ In this chat we cover When & Why he started going to Las Vegas? Why he started Vlogging his Las Vegas trips? He shares some awesome Las Vegas Tip for 1st timers, To what folks can expect that haven't been able to visit since the pandemic started. How YouTube has changed our trips in a positive way? Matthew also shares great story about how he was able to record at his local casino, after it became very strict on gambling in his area how he has to adjust. We cover recording in the Casinos & Give you tips about how to go about it. What permitted & What's not?                                                                           We even chat about the Las Vegas Communities & How Social Media is a gamechanger for the industry now days & How Casinos Can benefit from it. We have plenty of laughs throughout this interview & Even cover the Las Vegas Must Do's, His most memorable trip & Bucket List Items he has still been yet to do in Las Vegas? Huge THANK YOU to  @SayHiToMatthew  for coming on and spending some time to catch up & Chat on the city we love the most in the World Las Vegas. #ZorkFest Tickets: out & Connect with Matthew Subscribe to his YouTube Channel: Love Las Vegas FB Group: to our YouTube channel for more Las Vegas, Casino & Gambling Content ๐Ÿค˜ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: a listen to more of our Podcast: Confessions T-Shirts: Support the Podcast & Channel: Patreon - Me a Coffee - us on Social Media: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook -