Wake Up Call


David Mills is an old radio "dj" (disc jockey) getting his brand of talk and humor on the airways since 1969. It’s the animals of the planet responsibility to fertilize the earth, it’s David’s to fertilize the airways. Given the nickname the General because of his last name which he had to convert daGaneral to franchise infringement. Making a reluctant transition to a completely different medium and inviting you to take the journey with him. In each episode he will be talking about life, society, music and everything in between and you might be lucky enough to get a new recipe or two. Episodes could include local guests with interviews about their lives.

After a year and a half rambling, Ren Harris has joined him and they bring a whole new format to an ageing radio program. Ren started as David's engineer at KPRT-FM. She has vast experience in acting and is extremely witty. She brings in a fresh perspective and keeps David in line. She is a sci-fi nerd complete with customs. She has operated a bakery as well and they both love to cook!!! Each episode is designed to bring awareness, “wake you up”!

Based out of Farmington, NM located in the beautiful northwestern corner of New Mexico, close to the Four Corners which include Arizona, Colorado & Utah. Podcasts are recorded live, uncut, raw & uncensored. Join Ren & David as they take a deep dive into the ramblings of life.

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