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In studio interview show centered around local and regional music releases. Includes music from the featured album and discussion with the artist(s) about the writing, recording and distribution processes. Might sometimes include producers and engineers involved on the featured album. read less

Early Eyes: Look Alive!
May 27 2022
Early Eyes: Look Alive!
Tonight [SWJ1] on The Sound [SWJ2] we get down to the smooth pop sounds of Early Eyes[SWJ3] . Early Eyes is a five piece indie pop group from Minneapolis. Their latest album titled, Look Alive! Was released in Feb 2022 [SWJ4] on Epitaph Records. [SWJ5] The album was written during the pandemic and social justice uprisings in Minneapolis and takes you on a journey through a myriad of emotions and relatable themes. [SWJ6] So put your headphones on and relax, I’m Bill Stoneberg, get ready for a delightful romp through the unique sonic textures that is Look Alive!, the latest from Early Eyes, tonight on The Sound.[SWJ7] Original air date: 05/11/22. The Sound is written and produced by KQAL 89.5FM on the campus of Winona State University. The Sound is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. [SWJ1]The word “tonight” should be included somewhere early on in the intro.  [SWJ2]Show title should be included early on in the intro. Anything that comes before the words “tonight” and “The Sound” should be short and sweet and enticing. [SWJ3]First sentence here lets the reader know, when (tonight), what show (the sound), who artist is (Early Eyes), and what style artist is (pop). The first sentence doesn’t always have to have all of this in it. I’m just making the point that we want to tell the audience this information rather early in the intro.If the intro is a paper, this first sentence should be either a. an attention grabber or b. the thesis or main point of the rest of the intro. Here the first sentence is the thesis. The rest of the intro elaborates on it with a few more specifics. Either the first or second sentence should include: tonight, on the sound and the artist. [SWJ4]Album title and release date. Important because we do re-air these shows. So this show might play again a year from now. Including the date makes things clear for the listener. [SWJ5]***First 3 sentences here are informational: who, what, when. [SWJ6]***Middle sentence here elaborates on the genre/style/theme of the album and/or artist. [SWJ7]***Last sentence here: call to action (listen up), who I am, and then reiterates what it is the listener is about to hear: Artist, Album, tonight on The Sound.