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Every Saturday at 11:11 in this highly engaging podcast, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu document their journey of consciousness, helping people all over the world move from mediocre to miraculous! They bring you deep into a new world of empowerment at the cutting edge of consciousness and immerse you in practical spirituality for our fast changing world. In every episode, they find the wonder, joy, fun and excitement of life itself. Visit https://podcast.worldofempowerment.com and join this empowering community!
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383: It’s Time To Choose
383: It’s Time To Choose
Ahonu says it like it is - it's time to choose between the life and death paradigm. In 2019, Aingeal Rose went through a dark night of the soul, and it caused her to see a different reality going on at the same time as this reality. It seemed unreal to her and had no meaning. Nothing had any meaning. Indeed, things seemed to turn black and white, somewhat like watching a black and white movie. She explains it all in a video we made at the time. And the reason I'm bringing this up now is because she talked about entering a time of choice. A choice time, a time to decide about which paradigm you want to belong to. You want to belong to the love paradigm or the death paradigm? Well, it's been a couple of years, three years on and here we are in the midst of life changes. Huge changes on planet Earth. Huge changes in people's lives all over the world. And there's no question about it, but this time of change is upon us. And the reason I'm coming to you today is because I know which paradigm I've chosen and I want you to reflect on it because it's very important for you to make that choice, too. You want to choose the paradigm of death or life? And in the life paradigm, there is no fear. The fear has been thrown at us from every quarter day-in day-out; fear of death, fear of mandates, fear of future, fear of food shortages, fear of government overreach, fear of loss of freedom. Fear of every kind has been thrown upon us. But in the everlasting life paradigm, the fear is gone and we see only love everywhere. And we see forgiveness of all this fear mongering everywhere. So that's the question for today. Which life are you choosing now? Because we don't have much time left, really, to start making this big choice. To find out more about this, simply search online. You get it on YouTube too, but search online for "paradigm shift Aingeal Rose and Ahonu". Until then, blessings from myself Ahonu & Angie Rose. Have a life changing paradigm shift day.
Jan 8 2022
3 mins
382: 44 Days To 2-11-22 and Launch of World of Empowerment
You're listening to a World of Empowerment service from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu. Today is New Year's Day 2022. This is the first sunrise for us. And on behalf of Angie Rose and I, we wish you a very, very blessed, prosperous, happy, innocent, joy filled 2022. It's 44 days until we launch our New World of Empowerment on 2-11-22. And that new World of Empowerment is full of promise and full of joy and full of happiness with no negativity, no leaning to the dark side for anything. Even though we talk about death, we talk about ascension and eternity at the same time. The 44 days are going to be full of knowledge and inspiration and we want you to join us because in each of these days leading up to the launch, there's an opportunity to become a lifetime member. And we'd love to have you with us as a lifetime member where you get everything. Just pay once and that payment supports us - helping us to help others. So, this is a plea to you to come join us in our new World of Empowerment launching. On each day we will be bringing you little videos, little memes, little uplifting statements, and those profound statements from the Akashic Records. And the site itself is full of great stuff, including courses on how to read the Akashic Records, journaling, painting, drawing - all kinds of great things that help grow that sense of awareness, grow the feeling of joy and happiness of being here in this world. Indeed, the one thought that I had coming up here today was one of, how do I say it? I say it by way of saying, this day, live it like as if it's your last now, not in a fear way, but in one that is just full of sunlight and happiness and joy and creativity and love for others. That's an important thing. So, we'd love for you to join us. All the links are going to be all over the Internet over the next 44 days and indeed afterwards. But you will get us on https://WorldofEmpowerment.com. We so much look forward to having you with us. Have a blessed day. Live it like it's your last! Love from myself, Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.
Jan 1 2022
3 mins
381: Stop Apologizing!380: Is The Body A Body Of Bondage?379: How to create your own reality, without it killing you!378: Aingeal Rose Introduces Advanced Tarot Spreads - 22 Deep Card Layouts for Experienced Readers377: Advanced Tarot Spreads - 22 Deep Card Layouts for Experienced Readers
Sep 19 2021
26 mins
376: Receiving Barnstorming375: Love, Miracles & Original Creation374: How Present Is Love In Our World?373: Is There An Opposite To Love?372: What Are Loves Qualities?371: What Is Source's Definition Of Love370: Is Death Real?369: Ribbons of Color (2 of 2)368: Ribbons of Color (1 of 2)367: How Voice Code Helps You Find Your Twin Flame!
We want to tell you about a new tool for healing that Ahonu and I have recently discovered. It’s a voice analyzer from Quantum Sound Healing, and it has helped Ahonu and I significantly. Listen to this audio where Helena Riley explains it all, and if you’re interested, let us know. Hello and welcome to Quantum Sound Therapy. My name is Helena Riley and I’m going to explain the voice code analysis today and its connection to your personalized Akashic Records. And I would like to say that this is timely and also that you might want to listen to it again. The key with the voice code is we take a 20 second voice sample, and you can either do the vowels or an affirmation. So let’s say you want to manifest your twin flame, your soul mate, your new job, your purpose. That’s the enormous task, aligning with your purpose. We create an affirmation that will speed up that result. You can also use your voice code to clear whatever part of you is blocking that. So let’s say you would like to create a more intuitive sense of your life so that it flows to you, the game comes to you; you create an affirmation around that, and it will also loosen everything about you that does not believe that because your voice will pick that up and then you listen to this repeatedly. The three areas where people are working with right now are aligning with purpose, prosperity, and twin flame relationships. For the Earth to ascend, to move into a new consciousness, the twin flames need to come together because they will guide humanity in a new direction and do it more easily and effectively. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of frequency and how to liberate your energy so you actually become the enlightened being that you deserve to be. I want to thank everyone for listening. Now let your transformation begin. We hope you enjoyed that. It’s such an interesting technology, it is effective and goes deep. If you’re interested in having your own voice analysis done, click this link (https://aingealrose.com/voice) for a private session with me, or there’s another option for a year’s worth of voice analysis. Also there, if you’re interested, is the link to the sound technology product we used to generate the sound files: http://quantumsoundtherapy.com/?afmc=AingealRose Contact me if you need more information:- AingealRose@AingealRose.com. Thank you very much.
Jul 3 2021
1 hr 8 mins
366: Grief - The Hidden Benefits!
In talking about grief, we found some striking realizations. All of us have been through grief of one kind or another in our lives, but most of us have shied away from it and not dealt with it in its fullness, as we’re going to find out. Every week for the last while, we explored the subject of grief. We asked if grief was natural, if it’s just something horrible, and does it have any benefits at all? Surprisingly, Source gave us a lot of benefits to grief. Source explained it was an emotion that can reveal true freedom. It was a tool that ends cycles and begins new ones for people. It’s a doorway, a portal to the heart, leading to heart opening. You get plunged right into deep emotion right away but you don’t stay there. Source also told us, if you stay with it and not try to get rid of the grief and suppress the emotion when it comes up, it will lead you to such depths of feeling that it would actually lead you to new awakenings and new insights. It proves that life always leads you to more life, no matter what you’re going through. Any emotion is a portal to new life and new possibilities. It intrigued us that Source said it was an ending of a cycle for a person. So, let’s say somebody passes away and you’re left behind, bereft. Source explained that it’s a doorway for both you and the deceased. But after you go through all the shock and anger and then the denial, you come to a gradual acceptance. It is then it can open a doorway for you to new possibilities. Spirit will use these events to end a cycle and begin a new one, if you can only look at it that way. It’s all designed to expand you into more life, more opportunity to grow higher with yourself. But in that, it revealed that many of us don’t complete the cycle of grief, stopping the process because it’s so painful. We deny it, hide from it, bury it through medication or drugs, alcohol, and use any means just to never feel the pain and thus complete the process. I asked my Tarot Cards (I used to read the cards), was there something in the grief process that I have not completed? I pulled the Moon card, which was rich with subconscious activity; it opened Pandora’s box for me, which wasn’t pleasant. But it revealed we are where we are because of things we haven’t completely processed or resolved. There’s more to come in learning about the grief process at this level, but it coincided with our use of a software tool we’ve been using lately called Voice Code Analysis. It’s part of Quantum Healing Therapy where the device analyzes and processes over 1.5 billion bits of information in your voice. Apparently, the entire content of your subconscious mind and our emotional body is in our voices. The tagline on the device says, What’s in your Voice is in Your Life! So, by analyzing it and finding out what is knocking you off-balance or causing distortion within you, the software creates new frequencies that have five overlays which cancel out old programs and old trauma out of your subconscious mind, so that you can be more who you really are, your true self. Simple, really! And this is what I saw today, just looking at the Moon card. I haven’t embraced the potential of myself. I realized all the places I haven’t gone in terms of the expansiveness that Source is talking about, stopping my process part of the way because I feared they would pull the rug from under me in the future. This software is slowly canceling out issues for myself and Ahonu and we’re coming back to ourselves. We always knew you can’t experience a total shift until you clear out the old stuff. It’s a purification process. It runs deep, but we feel we’re finally on the road to some true healing. If you’re interested in having a Voice Analysis session, go to AingealRose.com. There’s information there and a video that explains it all. When people see that video and realize the power and extent of it, they contact us, and straightaway book a 20-min time slot. It doesn’t take long to record a 20-second audio of your voice, but then you get a 24-min recording back that you listen to. That recording helps you deal and uncover and resolve a lot of these issues with little effort. It’s always a surprise when things come up that are embedded deep within your physical body and in your bones. We both testify to the power of these recordings. https://AingealRose.Com/voice. Thanks for joining our discussion on grief and how Source explained the uses of grief in its potential to expand you, open you up, take you to new heights of spirituality and self-awareness - this, combined with our new Voice Code Analysis, will help you.
Jun 26 2021
8 mins
365: A Lecture on the Dimensional SPLIT364: Forgiveness - A Vehicle For Ascension
I never realized how much everything in this world hinges upon forgiveness. This is coming from my childhood, but I’m not alone. Most religions teach of an all-powerful but punishing God that must forgive us. We believe we committed an original sin, but there’s more to it. We’ve gone around for years forgiving ourselves in our heads… but that forgiveness never sinks in to the level where you feel truly forgiven. I now realize why. There are unforgiven aspects of ourselves in multidimensional realities, so the idea of forgiveness takes on a more important role. It involves forgiving every aspect of ourselves everywhere, in all dimensions. We’re talking about ascension back to God, because ascension can never happen if any aspect of us remains unforgiven. Forgiving ourselves is futile unless we forgive ourselves in every dimension, in every place, in every space, everywhere. Why? Because that aspect feels the same unforgiveness from God. When we feel separate, we believe we’ve done something God can never forgive. Every aspect of us feels it, otherwise we wouldn’t be separate. To achieve wholeness, the Native Americans did soul retrievals to recover aspects of themselves that were lost or stolen, abandoned or unforgiven.  We’ve got an enormous job, but there’s good news. If somebody you hurt says I forgive you; they are saying the words and you are hearing them. It feels good to hear the words when somebody forgives you. Now imagine you locate an aspect of yourself and you say with love, I forgive you - imagine what that feels like to that aspect of you, to that entity, to that part? It must feel wonderful. If you then listen, you may hear that aspect saying back to you, I forgive you, too! When you hear it, it’s like magic. It’s like the prodigal son returning home, but until they say it, we don’t know what forgiveness feels like. Now we have two aspects forgiven. Imagine doing that to the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth aspects of us, to all those different individuations in spirit, to all those in past lives and future lives. Go through them offering forgiveness to all, no matter what form, shape, size or color or form they take. Listen for them offering that forgiveness back to you. What happens is ascension speeds up! When I forgive the other parts of me, and they forgive me, then true forgiveness takes place. Forgiveness is us choosing to go home together as one. This is a choice. This is our purpose here, in every individuation, to return home to love. We now forgive ourselves for perceiving we separated from each other and from God. We have forgiven each other for everything. After those 36 aspects of ourselves, we can choose to go home. That’s ascension in its totality. After 12 aspects of us forgive in this way, we feel an acceleration. When the 24th aspect comes together, there’s a further acceleration. After that, it feels like somebody put a flame under you. Try it now. Sense the joy of being forgiven by God. If you can’t sense it, it’s because, in the single individuation that we feel right now on Earth, we don’t know what true love or forgiveness is. Otherwise we’d be in it. What happens when you retrieve a piece of you and bring it home? Even though it is a perception, you’ve forgiven it and it has forgiven you… beyond the physical.  That’s reunification. Ascension is unity with God. That is love.
Jun 12 2021
15 mins