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The Pit of Hell is a weekly radio podcast that features black metal from all over the world from yesterday and today, in a non-censored environment! Here black metal is the way it was meant to be: DANGEROUS!! WARNING: Some of the political content featured in some of the material played does not necessarily reflect of the personal views of myself or this site. *Band Submissions: (Please send MP3s ONLY!!)* read less

Episode X  *2022 Year in Review*
Jan 2 2023
Episode X *2022 Year in Review*
PLAYLIST:Insulter's Altar - The One to Wander in the NightSatanic Warmaster - Darkness... TriumphatorHate Forest - Solitude in Starry DecemberMisþyrming - Engin vorkunnDeathcircle - Dreams of My DeathAbhomine - Foul the WoundIrae - Relíqvia de EspinhvzKalmankantaja - Kun täältä lähdenHell Militia - Genesis UndoneEmbrace of Thorns -The Lament of the DestroyedRienaus - Saatanan valtakunnassaDødsengel - In the BeginningAbhor - Ode to the SnakeNoenum - Under the Northern SkyWatain - We RemainHetroertzen - The Hall of WondersDestruction Ritual - Broken Vows & Unspoken TruthCandelabrum - Through the Mirror of DivinationArjen - PrologomenaBlack Cilice - Triumph Over EternityGrand Belial's Key - Prayer Shawl of the First Born DonkeyBaise Ma Hache - L'abattoir de la raceAvaris - Evocation of the Ancestral Heritage (Ahnenerbe)Gestapo 666 - Summon the Spirit of WarWhite Rune - SoulstormVothana - Các Giáo Đường Do Thái Sẽ Bẻ Đốt Cháy (The Synagogues Will Burn)Kalmankantaja - Kuoleman enteitä (Deathly Omens)Norrhem - Liitossa veren ja maanSielunvihollinen - Kolkko vihan maaHiidenlintu - Ikuinen kehäKorpituli - The Keys and Gates to Unhallowed LandsYmir - NightwindsAbsurd - In Blut geschriebenGoatmoon - Bestial OpheraWhite Werewolf - Biały WilkołakKvasir's Blood - Vinland AwakeVothana - Quân lệnh cuối cùng / The Final CommandWolfnacht - WaldesnachtNokturnal Mortum - Лунарна Поезія (Lunar Poetry)Deströyer 666 - Batavia's GraveyardUltha - Der alte Feind (Jeder Tag reißt Wunden)T.O.M.B. - Hatred to AllManticore - Thy Seed Through the FireThe Old Evil - Magia OcultaCrucifier - Foul Deeds Will RisePiołun - Blady świtΑχεροντας - Lucifer - Breath of FireDarvaza - This Hungry Triumphant DarknessObskuritatem - Dok Sve Ne PocrniZver - La bêteIll Tidings - Fires Under the Night SkyDrudkh - Листопад (November)Forest Thrall - The Shadow of the Mad God Walks HereInk & Fire - Familiar EmbersGevurah - At the Orient of EdenVultyrium - Nocturnal EntityGrieve - Winter of TormentChaos Invocation - A Stranger's Pale HandThy Serpent - The Endless Journey Begins