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Curated by Nabil Ayers

My Life in the Sunshine

Curated by Nabil Ayers

A playlist companion to Nabil Ayers memoir "My Life in the Sunshine".


1Summer Breeze2Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing3Lady Marmalade4Nabil - Intro5Ark of Salvation6Everybody Loves The Sunshine7Shout It Out Loud8Macho Man (Single Version)9Nabil - Buying my first record10Heartbreaker (Remastered)11Whip It (2009 Remaster)12Computer World 2 (2009 Remaster)13Nabil - Discovering Kraftwerk14Love My Way15Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) (Live At The LA Forum, USA / 1983)16Like a Virgin17How Soon Is Now? (2008 Remaster)18Nabil - Def Leppard19When Problems Arise (Album Version)20Iceman21Cult of Personality (2023 Remaster)22Nabil - High school years23Loud Love24Stop25Breed26100%27Nabil - College years28Cannonball29Big Dipper30Down By The Water31Nabil - Post college32Wakin' Up33Joga34President of What?35What Do You Want Me to Say?36Nabil - The Lemons37The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret38Aerials39My Happy Ending40Nabil - Starting a record label41Me, Myself And I42Staring at the Sun43The Wonder44We Share Our Mothers' Health45Nabil -TV on the Radio46BirdFlu47Little Bit48Marrow49Lemonworld50Nabil - 4AD51Bizness52Falcon Eyed53Glory And Gore54Seasons (Waiting on You)55Nabil - Lorde56Bury Our Friends57Formation58Horizon59Make Me Feel60Nabil - Aldous Harding61Sounds Like Now62Sunrise63Sonnet64Nabil - Goodbye