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REDISCOVER Canadian Indie

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Celebrating the best of Canada's indie scene over the years. Cover: Broken Social Scene


17/4 (Shoreline)2Archie, Marry Me3I Feel It All4Love You So5Heart To Heart6Your Ex-Lover Is Dead7Wake Up8I'll Believe in Anything9Tailwhip10Nature Of The Experiment11The Magician12The Bells13Young Lions14Pale15Cherry Coke16fineshrine17Mass Romantic18Bandages19Caught Me Thinkin20You're Always Right (Live)21On A Beach [feat. Feist]22Demon Host23Everybody Knows24Montréal -4025Pass The Hours26In The Morning27I Don't Care28Glory Daze29The Hair Song30Scott Pilgrim31Robots324 American Dollars (Edit)33Romantic Rights34Willow Tree35Genesis36Weighty Ghost37Your Rocky Spine38Back In Your Head39EC40Backstroke41Kaputt42When I Come Around43Are You Gonna Waste My Time?44Before I Knew45Supernatural46The Arctic Circle47Let It Go48When The Day Is Fresh And The Light Is New49Man's Gotta Gun50Don't Ask51Tom Tom52Robotic53Buddah54Miracle55Some Are Lakes56So Young + So Cruel57The House That Heaven Built58Beautiful Blue Sky59One Great City!60Upside Down61Red Heart62So Down Low63Air Forces64Guns + Ammunition65Ali66Any Sense of Time67Nashville Wedding68Pretty Cold69Lola Stars and Stripes70The Great Escape71Work It72Pray It Away73somnambulist74Beat And The Pulse75Bad as They Seem76Dig A Hole77Letting Go78Downtown79Stairway80Get My Mind81Jezebel82I Think I Might Be Weird83202084Oublie pas85You Slipped Away86Full Circle87Bleached Wavves88Elegy89Artifact90Money City Maniacs91KODOMO NO KUNI92Young and Wasted93This Year's Been Hell94Laura Palmer's Prom95Fall Apart96Time for Yourself97Patrick Bateman98A/B Futures99aliens exist100Dreams Tonite101Try ;-)102Bathroom Mirror103Melt The Universe with Brotherly Love104Governess Shadow105Instant Nightmare!106Dose Me Up107Heart Sweats (Live)108Creature Comfort109Elevator Love Letter110Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl111Already Forgiven112That's The Way It Is (Amazon Original)113Nature Kids114Colder & Closer115You116Risk117Simple Dude118Eyes Of Green119Waking Up120Take Me 2121Across the City122Record Shop123Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile124me Roll125Dream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)126Keep on Pretending127Here 4 U128Down In The Dumps129Dose Your Dreams130Modern Medication131Just What I Needed132Shampoo Bottles133So Tired134Made for You135Hypersleep136Undecided Voters