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Rock Scene

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The most exciting new rock music from around the world. Cover Act: All Time Low x Avril Lavigne


1Fake As Hell (with Avril Lavigne)2Doubt Me3Bang Ya Head [feat. Fred Durst]4Make It Out Alive5OVER YOUR DEAD BODY6Look Alive (Netic)7beautiful waste8Birthday Party9Shiner In The Dark10Take Me Away11SIRENS12Do It So Good13Two Kinds Of Trouble14hit your knees15Below The Belt16Yours (feat. Bea Miller)17Won't Take Me Alive18ONE MORE TIME19silent stranger20All My Untalented Friends (Ooo La La)21Favourite Toy22Pink Push-Up Bra23Numb24Jaded25mOmS bAsEmeNt26By The Time You're Reading This27It Won't Be Like This Forever28False Dawn (Single Edit)29Man Of The Hour30Strangers31The Falling Sky32Vampyre33We Didn’t Start The Fire34Might Love Myself35Mirror36Blood In The Water37wundagirl38Stuck In a Car With You39Irish Goodbye (feat. Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil)40Last Resort (Reimagined)41Life Is Beautiful42Psycho43One Way to Find Out44BLOODSTREAM45Dead Weight46Normalize47MARRY KILL F*CK//48USA49Little By Little50Karma51Animal52before i’m in the ground53all-american bitch54CREEP HEAT55Honda Civic56Blud Luv57Victorious58MEGAPHONE MOUTH59Safe And Sound60Let's Get To Work61LosT62Teenage Sacrifice63Nothing Ever After64Artificial65Airhead66Skeletons67"good guy"68Halo69Possess Me70Believe