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Best of Electro Swing

Curated by Amazon's music experts.

Where EDM meets jazzy swing and big band.


1Dirty Mariposa2Supersonics (Out Come the Freaks Edit)3Love!4Tango Del Fuego5Brass Devil6The Stampede7The Little Man Who Wasn't There8Mistakes Were Made9Perception10Wake Up Romeo11Supersonics12Silent Movie (Electro Swing Remix)13Dancing Shoes14Black Coffee15I'm Not a Robot16Why Don't You Just Call17Whoopedoo18Sing, Sing, Sing (Radio Edit)19Retronik20Hybrid21New York Swing22Electric Eric23Trouble24TROUBLE (feat. Nikki Williams)25Vitalik Buterin26We No Speak Americano27Peas and Rice28Get A Move On!29Moonshine30Hit the Road Jack31Tongue Tied32Mambo Rap33Paradise Syndrome34Alla Turca35Tango Cubano36Crazy Swing37Run38It Ain't Right39The Great News40It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (Remix)41Femme fatale42Technicolour43Egad, Mister Cad44Liquid Lunch45No Swinggity46Missing Link47Memories48All That Glitters49Step Into My Time Machine50Rose rouge51Lone Digger52Booty Swing53Hit That Jive54Shake Well55Dramophone56This Is Swing57Too Damn Hot58Bad Boy Good Man59Deep Henderson60Perfume61Peeping Tom62Faidherbe Square63Black Betty64We Are What We Are (feat. Billy Bros Orchestra) (feat. Billy Bros Orchestra)65Voodoo66Soul Makossa (Money) (Radio Edit)67The Rabbit Sends A Little Bill68Gangsta's Paradise69Brokopoly70The Whistler71The Precious Hours72On the Downbeat73No Strings Attached74Shake Like It's Coming On75Lockdown