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Bambini Lingo English - Spanish

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1TicToc It’s time to say Hello2tic-tac ¡es hora de saludar!3Can you sing like the animals sing?4Canta con los animales5Oh I’ve got a body6¡Oh! Yo tengo un cuerpo7Pic Pic Picnic8So many colours9¡Tantos colores!10Let’s sing the numbers11Vamos a cantar los números12We’re going on a safari13Nos vamos a un safari14Quiet time15Shh, shh, es hora de parar16Are we there yet?17¿Ya llegamos?18Open the door19Abre la puerta20The Tidy Up Rock21El rock de la limpieza22I can, we can, you can.23Puedo, podemos, puedes24TicToc It’s time to say Goodbye25tic-tac, hora de decir adiós26TicToc It’s time to say Hello (Instrumental)27Can you sing like the animals sing? (Instrumental)28Oh I’ve got a body (Instrumental)29Pic Pic Picnic (Instrumental)30So many colours (Instrumental)31Let’s sing the numbers (Instrumental)32We’re going on a safari (Instrumental)33Quiet time (Instrumental)34Are we there yet? (Instrumental)35Open the door (Instrumental)36The Tidy Up Rock (Instrumental)37I can, we can, you can. (Instrumental)38TicToc It’s time to say Goodbye (Instrumental)