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Metal Hits

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A decade's worth of heavy hitters from Slipknot, Metallica, Volbeat, Avenged Sevenfold, and more.


1Deutschland2Unsainted3Swallowing the Rabbit Whole4Hail to the King5Memento Mori6Pneuma7Dance Macabre8Stranded9Catastrophist10Under the Graveyard11Hardwired12Dragula13Still Counting14Psychosocial15The End of Heartache16Two Weeks17Twilight Of The Thunder God18Sail19Ausländer20Your Betrayal21In Fear22Nightmare23Fear Inoculum24To Hell and Back25Square Hammer26Laid to Rest27Silvera28Breaking the Mirror29The Devil's Bleeding Crown30Doomsday31Nero Forte32It's A Raid33Dream House34(deeperthanbefore)35In Waves36Radio37Invincible38Bat Country39I Am Above40Halo41Harvest42Checkmate43Bleed44Cirice45What If I Was Nothing46The Devil in I47Straight to Hell48Hear Me Now (feat. DIAMANTE)49The Day That Never Comes50L'enfant sauvage51Hereafter52The Time Is Now53You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)54You and You Alone55Prey56Lola Montez57Welcome to the Family58The Motherload59The Last Stand60Drop Dead Cynical61Is There Anybody out There?62Noise63Rats64The Heart from Your Hate65Snuff66Gimme Chocolate!!67Moth Into Flame68Blinded69Guardians Of Asgaard70War Eternal71Royal Beggars72The Void73A Warrior's Call74Primo Victoria75Children of the Next Level76Show Yourself77Alias78Lost In The Static79Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel80Until the World Goes Cold81All Nightmare Long82Repentless83Raise Your Horns84Letting You Go85Megitsune86Vice Grip87Right Side Of The Bed88Ghost Walking89Lightning Strike90Bartzabel91In Due Time92Wild Eyes93KARATE94The Price of Agony95The Sound Of Truth96Solway Firth97Would You Still Be There98Madness99Killing Me Slowly100Solitude