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Breakthrough Rock

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Emerging artists in rock. Cover: Light the Torch


1Become the Martyr2VICTORIA PARK3Dayblind4Broken5So Low (So Low)6A LITTLE LOVE7A World on Fire8Fierce9Blow (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)10I'm Afraid of Americans11Control12Let Me Fall Apart13The Only Ones14Pathkeeper15Meet Me In The Fire [feat. Andy Biersack]16Secret Garden17Falling Awake18Don’t Back Down19Fist of God20Between Me and the Devil21Spineless22Where Ravens Fly23Where Do We Go From Here?24Your Confession25Prison Purse26PERSONAL SHOPPER (Biffy Clyro Remix)27Everyone Loves A Woman28UnFuCk YoU29deathwish (feat. nothing,nowhere.)30Raise Your Glass31Something In The Water32When Will Gods Work Be Done33The Way I Say Goodbye34Holy Ghost (feat. Jon Harvey [Monster Truck])35Don't You Feel Amazing?36American Cockroach37Ghost38Rebel39Long Way Home40I'm so Blue41Remedy42I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I'M DEAD43Die With Me44What Do You Gotta Lose?45Sleepwalker46Wars (feat. Adam Gontier)47It Finds Us All48Tell It Like It Is49Supervillain50Paradise51Infinite Pleasure52200853Anarchy54Real One55A Song for Those Who Speed in Built-up Areas56Don't Break Down57Wake Up58abandon59Murder Ballad II (feat. Corey Taylor)60American Dream61Supercharged62Go To Sleep63Somewhere I Belong (feat. Robin Adams & In Deception)64Feel65Thunder66Hate67FU2 (feat. AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods)68Hellraiser69Threat (feat. Violent Idols) (Remix)70The Years71IDLU72Between Your Eyes73Chemicals74Fired Up75All My Friends Take Medicine76Legendary (feat. Brandon Saller of Atreyu)77Pet Sematary78Golden Retriever 79Help Me Through the Night80Lost in Echoes81Niceride82Ride83William, It Was Really Something84King85Body Bag86F@ME87MISERY LOVES COMPANY88Come Clean89The Nothingness90Midnight91ASTRONAUT (Live)92CAN YOU FEEL IT?93Goodtime Girl94Big Mistake (Radio Edit)95Heaven Can Wait96Loading Screen Infinity97Silence Is Golden98The Wire99In My Hands100FAMILY VAN