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Breakthrough Pop

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Get to know these pop stars in the making. Cover: Tai Verdes


1A-O-K 2Mess It Up3War In Your Arms4LA House Party5good6Me Without You7Old Insecurities8Break Her Heart9Bodybag10Seasons11Honda Civic 12Hellboy13the long way home 14Burning Fire15Sorry Mom 16ADRENALINE17sorry isn't good enough 18Know Me Again [feat. Cate]19Worst Day of My Life20The Giver21If I Could22HER23Sad Girl 24Pears25Letter To A Girl26Look Who's Cryin' Now 27Bed on Fire28The Ones That Make It29Anywhere With You30Holdin' You31Heart Can't Take It32Don't Think About It33Could Be Good34la di die (feat. jxdn)35Lost36All in My Head37Breakfast in Bed (feat. Avenue Beat)38Dover Beach39dancing in the kitchen40Bad For Me41Somewhere We Can Be Alone42If I Could43Gasoline44100 Headaches45Backseat Rider4690s Kids 47See You In Tears 48We Are Stars (Orchestral Version)49on my mind50Fight Alone51PART OF YOU [feat. Carlie Hanson]52When I'm Older5315 Minutes54I Don't55Long Way Home56Hotel Bed (feat. Swae Lee) 57You Don't Want Me58Good Without59Not My Neighbour [feat. Kiana Ledé]60In the Water 61Relapse62I Think You Should Leave 63Sad To See You Happy64i dip65Lonely Hearts Club66Older Overnight (Bonus Track) 67love on you.68Doomsday69Chivalry 70Friends 71ghost town (voice memo)72Don't Love Back73Broken74Psychopath75runnin around 76Y77Ex Best Friend78Witness79Gone80creep81Confidence82I'm Fine83Bigger Than Me84Daisies 85Let There Be Drums86John Hughes Movie (Acoustic)87Sad Song88Trailer Trash 89Bad Bitch 90Picture Of You91boys wanna txt (feat. ericdoa) 92Got You Covered93Bipolar 94Fall So Hard95Second Base96Mulholland Drive 97I Lost Myself (feat. Anna Clendening)98Love Mania99Confident 100Young Queen